Monday, June 8, 2015

SSPX on Fr. DeSmet and Crybabies

Nice little article here. It's from SSPX, so sue me. (Hint: good luck getting jurisdiction over a Bear.)

The Bear is tired of petty grievance tyrants. His diet may require supplementation.

The Bear has found several things to blog about today. When you hit "Observe the Goats" you're up to date!


  1. SSPX is not without merit. I pray for their reunion with Rome.

    I may link to this in a "Your Daily DeSmet." But it would be cheating to use on its own what you found... I'll couple it with something else. I see SSPX added a photo of Fr. DeSmet as well on their site. Ah, what "St Louis Jesuits" meant at one time....

  2. P.S. "Crybabies" is the only word for overly sensitive college students of today. It happens in HS to these days. I have worked with kids. I noted that a boy one day wore a shirt with some sort of Asian symbol, unidentifiable to me. I remarked that the symbol was an Asian symbol. A white kid said that was racist. Huh??!!!

  3. Always count on the Society for a spot on Catholic response. Maybe I missed it but still waiting on a statement from the local Ordinary.


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