Friday, June 12, 2015

The Bear Wonders If He Can Fit Herr Doktor Schockenhoff's Entire Head Into His Jaws?

Do you ever just get tired of Germans? Bruno attempted a good-will tour of Bavaria on behalf of Bears everywhere. The Germans famously declared him Problembär. They shot him down in cold blood. (June 26, 2006. Never Forget.)

Rorate Caeli advertises some Bear bait in the person of Eberhard "The Shocker" Schockenhoff. He is a theological adviser to rogue German Catholics and all-around Problemkind. You ought to read about him.

The Bear imagines that German theologians say, what's the point of limiting ourselves to teaching Catholic doctrine? Where is the creativity, the scholarship, the unapologetic heresy?

The Bear doesn't know about you, but he's sick of these theological Dr. Strangeloves.

So, they make up a bunch of twaddle to show everyone how smart they are. Like this. Everybody goes to heaven, but the victims of oppressors have the final call by whether they offer forgiveness or not.

Huh? The Bear doesn't think so. (And if so, Bruno does not forgive.) But it cuts Herr Doktor Shockenhoff out of the pack of plain old universalists. That's practically mainstream.

You'll probably want to go to a real blog to learn about the odious and dangerous Eberhard Schockenhoff. Bear theology goes: "I wonder if I can fit his entire head in my jaws?"

Head not very big.
Betcha five fish.

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