Friday, June 12, 2015

The Dogs of Zoar

The Bear responds to some few requests that he is certain speak for many regarding current pictures of Zoar's animal population. We'll do the dogs today. We're still trying to get good pictures of the goats. Deuce has been particularly elusive.

Beau relaxing with some of his toys. He's about half the size of  Cooper.

Cooper "one flap down." Yes he stole the orange
from the dining room table. He's big. He can put his front paws
on your shoulders and look you in the eye.

Cooper sits up proper and flashes his "Samoyed Smile"

This is Buster eating an ice cream cone. Sorry.
Bears are quite similar with ice cream. Make
that pretty much any food. That's why you never see us eating out.

Dahlia is the smallest (and meanest) of all the dogs of Zoar,
She's a Yorkie. She has a vivid imagination.


  1. How well does Beau get along with the goats these days?

    1. Beau is recovering from personal surgery at the moment. The Bear wants everyone to know that we are responsible dog owners, well aware of how dog overpopulation messes up Our Planet. Beau has a bark unlike anything the Bear has ever heard. It is not just incredibly loud, but it has some kind of unearthly harmonics that is maddening. That's what he uses on the goats, although, confidentially, the Bear would like to see some good old-fashioned chasing. The Bear sometimes wonder if he isn't a slacker.

  2. Thank you so much...they are truly beautiful! The Badger house is not so very different from the bear den where canines are concerned...we have a Keeshond and an Icelandic sheepdog; the slightly down-sized versions of your bigger two. On a day when nothing else can make me laugh, they can. God was having a very good day indeed when He made dogs ...will anxiously await pictures of Deuce.

    1. I hope Deuce's lack of cooperation does not foretell a future as a deadbeat dad. But goat daddies aren't very hands, er, hooves on.


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