Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vatican Releases New Hot Earth Mascot

In what Vatican watchers say is an attempt to rekindle flagging interest in Pope Francis' "Green Encyclical," the Vatican unveiled a new symbol for the initiative. A Vatican spokesman explained that "we want the people of the Earth to still think of Her as a 'sister,' but more of a hot step-sister." The spokesman added that her "hotness" would remind people of global warming.

New "Hot" Sister Earth Vatican Mascot


  1. The American Catholic reposted this with the needed clarification for which I thank them. In all candor, we must be careful to make these things plain lest we plop ourselves into the sin of slander. This is especially true after that "bimbo video" this past year.

    1. "Hot step-sister?"

      Poe's Law strikes again. The Bergoglio Papacy has made itself immune to satire.

  2. OH COME ON!!!!! Eye of the Tiber is now confession fodder????


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