Monday, July 6, 2015

Milestone, St. Maria Goretti and Catholicball

The Bear reaches a milestone: 200,000 views! This makes him the most-read Catholic Real Bear blogger in the world. (Of course, so did 1 view.) Thank you for visiting. And thanks to Pewsitter, and every blogger who has linked to St. Corbinian's Bear.

It is hard to remember what the Bear wrote about before Pope Francis demanded near daily attention. 

St. Maria Goretti

Today, for example, is the feast of St. Maria Goretti (1890-1902). She is one of our youngest canonized saints. When she resisted the sexual advances of a neighbor youth, he stabbed her 14 times. Her defense of her purity would shortly cost her her life, but before she died, she forgave her attacker. He repented in prison and became a lay brother after he was released.

Her story touched the people of Italy, and she was canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1950.

St. Maria Goretti is the patroness of rape victims and purity. Today, more than ever, we need her example of purity.


A year ago the Bear wrote about the Facebook phenomenon "Catholicball." Since the Bear's audience is considerably bigger and the story is interesting (and short), here it is again.

Catholicball and the New Hard-Identity Catholicism (July 9, 2014)

While older Catholics are stuck in our rut of Traditionalist vs Vatican II-nistas, something new is happening. Across social media like Facebook, younger Catholics are flexing a hard Catholic identity, even militancy. Here is a picture from the Facebook group Catholicball:

[Update: the green Muslimball is about to touch the statue of St. Peter. An angry Catholicball threatens Muslimball with crusade, while the large and menacing Crusaderball approaches. Meanwhile Inquisitionball with torch (!) lurks in the background.]

Nothing apologetic here. They are passionately pro-life, unafraid, and embrace Catholic history. On a local level, these young Catholics are actually doing the new evangelization that the hierarchy only talks about. One young man is putting together a "Catechetical BBQ" for fallen away Catholics.

Now that's what the Bear calls initiative.

How many people are in this diffuse movement? Impossible to say. Catholicball, based in Argentina, has 5792 likes. RevolutionCatholic has 3025 likes. These are just two groups. But these numbers, though small, represent a genuine and encouraging reaction to the ills of the modern world and the paralysis of the Church.

Passion and courage are tremendous force multipliers. They may not represent the future, but they will be a part of it, and it would probably be wise not to get in their way.


  1. I think he became a "lay brother" rather than a "lady brother". :-)

    Personally, I think Maria's mother ought to be canonized to - she forgave her daughter's murderer, and they went to Church and received Communion together. I'm not at all sure I could do that.

    1. And regarding my OWN typos - that should be "canonized too".

    2. Yeah...I often compose on my iPad. The idea is that I sweep my finger around on a keyboard display and the dictionary picks out the words I intend. Sometimes it fails to divine the word I want and I get something like "lady" instead of "lay." Unfortunately, I find it hard to proofread fresh copy for some reason. Anyway, thanks.

      Her mother said "If my daughter could forgive you, how can I not?"

  2. Well congratulations on the 2+++++ #. You are truthful, you honor your mate and are even tender with chickens. What's not to like? Praise God for bears who still roar. Thank you.

  3. Let's keep the Bear truth going and hunting lies and distortions.

    Long live the Bear and his roar be heard round the world.

    1. Maybe I should start a daily program? Call it, oh, The ROARtex?


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