Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bear Rescues Birds

A pair of chimney swifts fell down into our fireplace today. The Bear put them in a box and took them to a wild animal rescue shelter. They will rear them and, when they're grown, return them right back to Zoar. Yeah, the Bear has his hands full taking care of all the woodland creatures. Which reminds him, be safe with fireworks! (The Bear is, you know, contractually obligated with the federal government to say that once a year. Sorry.)

Be sure to crank up the volume! These little guys may be small, but they're loud!

When we got back, all the hens were having a flash mob in the front yard to greet us. It was hilarious, as they had spaced themselves evenly in a line in front of the farmhouse.

The poor shepherdess, once, alas, known as Red Death, when she was the Bear's bodyguard, has to arm herself with a hoe against Hermes our rooster. There has never been a more obnoxious waste of feathers. She frequently reenters the house streaming blood from spur and beak. He's vicious. We know he's getting the job done with the ladies, but our hens aren't really into the whole mother scene. So no chicks. They're good layers, though, the Bear will give them that.


  1. just a thought about your Confederate flag poll, I mean the flag of Zoar...
    I kept changing my vote from "Yay" to "relax". Went back and forth several times.
    Would arming herself with a squirtgun help the sherperdess with Hermes?

    1. Sadly, Hermes has proved undeterred by buckets, big gulp cups full of ice, hoes, boots, pretty much everything. While we haven't tried a squirt gun, I'll pass the suggestion along. He is the meanest rooster we've ever had.

  2. Chim chiminy, chim chiminy, chim chim cheree...

    T Y for a great and much-needed day-brightener, Bear :-). A blessed Fourth of July to all!

    1. The Bear awoke to a wonderful, huge surprise today, but unfortunately he cannot divulge it. Sweeps are good luck!

    2. Okay, if you promise not to tell, since it's you, Nightingale... The Bear, his mate, daughter, and Pollux got a surprise visit from Castor, a certain military gentleman of long acquaintance. If you figure it out, email me ;-)


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