Friday, July 3, 2015

Chicken Break

Behold, the Chickens of Zoar! Norma gets curious at the end, which some viewers might find frightening. The Bear finds current events depressing, so it stands to reason that one or two of his readers might, as well. Zoar posts are a reminder that there is a natural order to the small freehold, beyond unreliable clerics and a country that seems to be less familiar by the day. You are all guests of Zoar by virtue of your tarrying here. The Bear hopes you find just a moment of peace or humor in his silly posts.

Free Range Chickens


  1. yes, thank you for inviting us all to the HOME OF THE FREE range chickens! Very appropriate for today.

    1. rather, LAND OF THE FREE range chickens, HOME OF THE BRAVE Norma


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