Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ISIS, Don't Forget Who Number One in Terror Is

ISIS is trying to intimidate a nation that dismembers millions of babies in the womb and sells them to get rich. The Bear thinks they're going to have to do more than execute the occasional grownup if they want anything more than a shrug from America.

The trouble is, the Bear can't think of anything more horrifying than dismembering babies in the womb and selling them to get rich.

In a way, our own inexpressible, clinical evil is our defense against the mere savages of the world. And ISIS will forever be a distant second.

Anyone care to argue we're better because we're a "Christian nation?"

No, the Bear didn't think so.


  1. Oh, stop! PP is the victim of a campaign of deception! They'd never sell "tissue" for profit. No one is trying to get a Lamborghini out of this, you know.


  2. As seen on twitter, what's the difference between ISIS and PP? One severs heads from bodies, and recruits the young to its cause. The other is in Iraq and Syria.


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