Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pope Francis Can't Go to Cuba

In 1972, Republican President Richard Nixon, a staunch anti-Communist, visited China. The trip gave rise to the political wisdom that "only Nixon could go to China." The explanation is that someone without Nixon's credentials would end up looking like a stooge if they attempted the same diplomatic move.

Pope Francis has apparently never heard this story. If you don't know, the Pope has announced that he plans a visit to the United States when he visits Cuba in September.

Pope John Paul II could go to Cuba. Like Nixon, his position was clear. No one would mistake Pope John Paul II for a stooge because no one harbored the least suspicion that he was sympathetic to Communists.

But Pope Francis cannot go to Cuba.

Not because he's an avowed Communist. In fact, he has felt obliged to protest his non-Communism.   However, whether or not he is a Communist, he shares Communism's antipathy toward capitalism. (As well as a general leftist, statist worldview.) He is no Nixon, and no John Paul II when it comes to Communism.

Of course, Pope Francis can get into an airplane and heat up the planet to fly to Havana. He can have all the Commie photo-ops he cares to stage. Who knows, maybe he and Raoul Castro will light up cigars and discuss the finer points of the Marxist-Leninist single-party state. The press will eat it up.

But Pope Francis cannot go to Cuba.


  1. Will he reprimand that Archbishop for saying that there are no political prisoners in Cuba, or reprimand that quisling priest from banning the Women in White from Mass? Why do I think not?

  2. Pope Francis has a mission. It is to make the world safe for Communism. When he goes to Cuba he can extol Raoul for the wonderful spirit of poverty present in his country and how the United States could emulate the political structure that made it all possible.

    With Pope Francis everything seems to be a Communist con job with a nice Catholic apologetic. And the worst part of all this is that a large number of folks are eating it up. Why is this? Modern sexual morality weakens the mind.

  3. 'Modern sexual morality (or should we say 'immorality') is a common ploy of Communists to do just that. (weaken the mind) And yes, it seems the Pope wants to put a Godly spin on an ancient evil. To him it doesn't seem to be Communism in the traditional sense of the word, it seems to be 'COMMUN ism, a Godly coming together making all things and all people equal for the 'common good'. He seems to be naive enough to believe it would all turn out. He is of the mindset that the only evil form of government is Capitalism it seems to me, where greed and power reign and the poor are trampled upon as a result. He doesn't seem to understand that Communism is much worse when the power is in the hands of Dicatators entirely that easily become corrupted by it, and there are no checks and balances.

  4. This Pope shouldn't have been allowed to go to Rome!


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