Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Bear's Been in His Secret Workshop

The Bear has finally managed to complete his first project in Photoshop CC. Use as you like. (The Bear suggests printing hundreds of copies and thoughtfully leaving them at your local church as bookmarks. Father will appreciate that.) What do you suppose the Bear has in mind?


  1. This saying is one I am going to live by...or die trying.

    1. The Bearish path of Holy Stubbornness. When all else fails, growl and hold your ground.

    2. I like Holy Stubbornness! Though my version is "When all else fails, smile and hold your ground." Unless my children are involved, that is, when I'm more likely to growl.

      One practical question: when I click through one of your ads, is your fee based on everything I then buy at that site, or just the item I clicked?

  2. Depends. The ads that appear in the "body" (between stories) generate revenue through impressions (just coming to the blog) at maybe a buck fifty a day total (yeah, pretty sad, but it adds up). Clicks get me more but figuring how much more is something of a dark art. (The Bear's mate likes Zulilly.) So, in answer to your question as for other big-name ads, (1) the terms of my agreement prohibit discussion of such matters.

    I have been approved for Catholic Supply, which is a a great company out of St. Louis. Mystic Monk still pending.

    If the Bear wore sleeves he'd have something up one of them, that is more of a fun pay-back to his readers.

    So just shop as you ordinarily would and enjoy the convenience. My paws are tied beyond that.


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