Monday, July 27, 2015

The Old Rabbi-Tricking-People-Into-Sharing-Their-Lunches-Trick

Training Hermes to attack bad homilies with beak and spur.

Anybody hear the one where the rabbi pretends to multiply bread, but really just tricked the people into sharing their secret food? Somehow the Bear was spared that scat this year. How about you?


  1. The Mahound believes the Bear needs to get past his 'market' mentality. Che Jesus realized that the peasants were always hoarding their food, in a pathetic imitation of bourgeois norms. So he sent his party cadres out to force them to share. First the peasants were thankful; then they were bitter--as they had been told lies about the Revolution by pharisaical capitalist roaders. They had not yet manifested an authentic class consciousness. Indeed, one of them was told by the Great Leader that he had to give up all he had, but he resisted. Hence the need for more sermons, preferably given from a height, perhaps a balcony or even a tall hill. There would have more bread every day had it not been embargoed by Herod and his Jewish worms.

  2. As I said, we experienced a discourse on meals with no real admittance of a miracle, whether by sharing or hocus pocus. I forgot to note that the priest practically called the apostles thieves or bullies for absconding with the kid's loaves and fishes. It fits with Francis' liberation theology, right? Take from those who have and give to those who have not.

  3. In our cathedral parish we had a straight ahead Jesus miracle story. Closing line; "He wants to feed us, too, with a life of lasting fulfillment".

  4. We didn't get the usual scat, either. Bear is confused... Church making sense?


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