Thursday, August 27, 2015

Badger's Brilliant Idea

UPDATE: the "Badger Line" has been expanded to include requested items that have the Bear Patch design somewhat smaller and on the left side of tops. It's not exactly what was requested, maybe, but take a look at these and other new items. Unfortunately, the Bear can only provide the artwork. CafePress has their own items that are produced according to a set pattern that the Bear cannot alter. There is one more line coming: "Rugiemus Quasi Ursi Omnes" (We All Growl Like Bears). It will definitely include baby items. Still thinking about the design.

Badger wanted the Bear Patch on her Bear Gear. Mission accomplished. It looks very nice on the items, if the Bear says so for himself. This is the very same Bear that appears on the coat-of-arms of the Archbishop of Freising and Munich, and appeared on the coat-of-arms of Pope Benedict XVI. (A severed Turk's head also appeared.) Whoever displays this emblem is authorized to snuffle out heresy and (once per month) roar like a Bear at his or her complete discretion.

The inventory will be tweaked over the next day or so, but you can already see much of our new "Badger Line" of premium swag at the store.


  1. Yes! Brilliant! I shall be getting a water bottle.

  2. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! Will be placing a big order tomorrow! Thanks Bear :)

  3. OK, just saw the swag and not to be too much of a Pain in the Bear's butt, but, could you maybe offer a men's T (I only wear the men's) with the Bear patch as a small-ish logo (3" X 3") above the left breast, ala a polo logo or a lacoste croc? And could you offer it in a gray? And maybe the same small, left breast logo with the hoodie?

    yes I know...badgers are very VERY high maintenance.
    But we're also very very loyal. :)

  4. The men's T is not a problem. However, I only have control over the image and what it goes on. I haven't seen the small logo as you have described, but I'll look. Also, if you click on an item you can find more detail, including colors.

    Like I said, I'll look. They have a ton of items available, and maybe they have what you're looking for and I've just missed it. I agree that would be nice.

  5. Just ordered me a mess'a Bear gear...the shepherdess was right; pajamas were a good move :)

  6. The Bear thanks you for your generosity! And your inspiration!


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