Friday, August 7, 2015

Bear Can't Even Satirize Cupich

The Bear can satirize Reinhard Marx.

But he simply can't satirize Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich. But he does get the heretofore unrevealed full-on Bear attack.

Cupich blandly suggested that the detestable practices of aborting babies and selling their body parts is no worse than our country's immigration policy (i.e. having one), joblessness, racism, the death penalty, ad nauseum. It looks like he inherited his predecessor's, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of unhappy memory, "seamless garment," where you can't be pro-life unless you hew to the Democrat party platform.

His remarks about the Planned Parenthood atrocities are so stupefyingly brainless and cruel the Bear has literally nothing to satirize. By shamelessly playing the compassion whore, Cupich has stamped down with his feet the tiny, bloody corpses of aborted babies to render all injustices into a pale, uniformly level, anodyne paste. How the Hell did he miss Pope Francis' "the loneliness of the elderly?"

What does this tell us about Blase (handpicked by Pope Francis) Cupich?

  1. He's not very smart. Trot out whatever degrees or writings you care to, but no public official of even average intelligence would say something that stupid now.
  2. His judgment is poor. That tiny voice that tells normal people "stop, you're about to be an idiot" (substitute your choice of stronger description) is patently silent. Either that or he's establishing himself as the second coming of Joseph Bernardin and doesn't care what anyone except Pope Francis and other bishops think.
  3. He is desperate to polish his pan-compassion credentials. He's pushing the Pope Francis line and pushing it hard. (To be fair, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops was an embarrassment before Francis slipped onto the balcony.) He's a tail-wagging, slobbering dog trying to get a pat on the head from the most politically correct people in a godless culture. In other words, he's doing what got him where he is today.
  4. He hates the pro-life movement. There are videos. This is big news, horrible news. Imagine that, after the Charleston church shooting, he had said, "Well, this is indeed terrible, but no more terrible than people having a hard time trying to illegally enter this crappy, racist country." No, of course, that is impossible to imagine. Cupich is embarrassed by those rosary-waving fanatics at abortion clinics. On the other hand, Moloch doesn't bother him too much.

Well, at least he's safe from satire. You can't satirize someone who has made himself a poster child for everything wrong with American  bishops, and, indeed the Roman Catholic Church.


  1. He's Bernardin...redux.

    God help Chicago.

  2. Thinking upon Saint Cyprian of Carthage seems appropriate here, that, and, at least in my case, telling myself "Patience" repeatedly.

    "[He invents] heresies and schisms, whereby he might subvert the faith, might corrupt the truth, might divide the unity. Those whom he cannot keep in the darkness of the old way, he circumvents and deceives by the error of a new way. He snatches men from the Church itself; and while they seem to themselves to have already approached to the light, and to have escaped the night of the world, he pours over them again, in their unconsciousness, new darkness; so that, although they do not stand firm with the Gospel of Christ, and with the observation and law of Christ, they still call themselves Christians, and, walking in darkness, they think that they have the light, while the adversary is flattering and deceiving, who, according to the apostle’s word, transforms himself into an angel of light, and equips his ministers as if they were the ministers of righteousness, who maintain night instead of day, death for salvation, despair under the offer of hope, perfidy under the pretext of faith, antichrist under the name of Christ; so that, while they feign things like the truth, they make void the truth by their subtlety." St. Cyprian of Carthage, De catholicae ecclesiae unitate

    Although in our case it seems like we're seeing the resurrection of every heresy ever conceived all at the same time. It's a relief to have a Bear around.

  3. He is simply a Francis man who will gladly support the church of sin. And now he can promote his ideas at the synod.

  4. Where is the Donald Trump of Bishops? Where is a Bishop who will say what's really happening to the culture, to our morals, to the mealy mouths clerics, to Obama, to Hillary, etc.? In the meantime we have The Bear who calls it like it is. But how much can the Bear do, after all he is just a bear.

    There is a creeping despondency among serious Catholics that longs for at least one Bishop to speak out strongly, consistently and truthfully. Where is he?

    1. Cardinal Burke was demoted. We need saints! Any bishop who steps out as a faithful strong orthodox Catholic will be watched, calumniated, ridiculed, ostracized. Even the smallest misstep will be held against him....or even a sin of a priest under him.


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