Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Birds of a Feather" Book Scandal Rocks Vatican

If you have no idea what the Bear means by "Egg-gate," you should probably read this first.

The author of a children's book advocating race separation has revealed a letter from the Vatican which seems to signal Pope Francis' approval.

Dirk Waldmark showed the letter, signed on behalf of the Pope by a high-ranking official in the Secretariat of State, Peter B. Wells, to reporters on Monday. Waldmark has been embroiled in controversy since the Mayor of Philadelphia banned his children's book, "Birds of a Feather," from public libraries in his city in June.

The letter says, in part:
His holiness is grateful for the thoughtful gesture and for the feelings which it evoked, hoping for an always more fruitful activity in the service of young generations and the spread of genuine human and Christian values.
Waldmark had sent to Pope Francis copies of a number of his children's books, seven or eight of which deal explicitly with race. They included, "Uncle Adolph," a sympathetic portrait of Hitler through the eyes of his niece; "Ride Forrest, Ride," which tells the story of former Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest's founding of the Ku Klux Klan; and "Birds of a Feather."

In "Birds of a Feather," a cardinal named "Little Red" has encounters with families of robins, bluebirds, and other birds, including black birds. The theme of the book is that just as birds of the same type mate and raise young, so people should marry members of their same race.

Waldmark's letter to Pope Francis asked the "whole hierarchy of the Church" to get behind his books.

Waldmark found an  unlikely ally in the American Civil Liberties Union, which objected to "censorship or banning on the basis of content, no matter how distasteful we may find it." However, the controversy escalated when First Lady Michelle Obama called the book "racist and horrible."

The Vatican Press Office was quick to issue a terse statement in response to Waldmark's revelation. "In no way does the letter from the Secretariat of State mean to endorse behaviour and teachings not in line with the Gospel." It also said the letter from the Secretariat in Pope Francis' name was supposed to be private.


The above, of course, slightly changes the facts of Egg-gate to make a point. Dirk Waldmark is fictional, his books (thankfully) are not in print, and the Vatican never commented on that matter. The Bear cast the issue in terms of race, rather than homosexuality, to provide the sense of a supernatural perspective to those who might lack one, and to demonstrate what a fiasco the scandal really is.

In the scale of worldly norms, racism is considered far worse an offense than homosexuality, which is tolerated if not actually celebrated. 

In the Bear's little tale, would people shrug off a letter in the Pope's name sent by his Secretariat of State blandly encouraging an author of racist books? Would the response by the Vatican Press Office be considered sufficient? (If you really want to blow your mind, set this in Pope Benedict's reign!)

Of course not. Pope Francis himself would have to gather reporters, lecture everyone on the evils of racism, utterly disavow any knowledge of the deed, and remove Peter Wells from his position.

The reason people are accepting the official narrative in Egg-gate is not because it is compelling, but because even if the Pope told Wells to send the letter it's no big deal. It would not be a violation of the secular norms and priorities we associate with this papacy. 

The Bear sees Egg-gate in the shocking light that most people would see his fictional "Bird-gate." What the Vatican did is unthinkable, the response of its Press Office is insulting, and the silence of the Pope is disappointing, but, sadly, not surprising.

The Bear will entertain no criticism that he is somehow equating one thing to another. He's not. He is simply translating the scandal into terms understandable by most people.


  1. You are absolutely right. Several weeks ago I was dismayed by a picture and article I read about Pope Francis having a photo op with a children's book promoting "gender ideology". But little more was said about this and I thought it was an unreliable story.

    Again the pope is in the news because of this promotion of sodomy. I am feeling depressed and disoriented. Am I and several thousand other Catholics the only ones who realise how wrong this is? How this flies in the face of the natural order, Truth and Beauty?! Is almost everyone else "good" with this development? Is there something wrong with me when I look at the photo of the female author who wrote this book in a big white dress on her "wedding" day to her same sex lover? I feel revulsion! I don't feel revulsion at looking at her pretty face at a press conference but I do at her ideology, her twisted sense of matrimony. Isn't this inscribed on all our hearts? Why is the Catholic world not in an uproar!?

    1. You know the answer. The tiny remnant is scandalized, but most Catholics derive their values from the world. Pope Francis seems to have his values informed more by the world than the Church. That has always been the problem with him.

    2. Seems? It is far more than "seems." Values formed by Freemasonry is the most accurate.

  2. Ironically, racism is heretical chiefly because it denies individuality. Most of the people who hold racism as some kind of cardinal sin promote an equality which is far, far more dangerous, and denies the individuality of all men, not just of a subset of man (Freemasonry, anyone?).

    The Bear's example seems to be racialism more than racism, but, at any rate, the evil in hatred can't hold a candle to the evil that mocks a sacrament, especially the kind that tells you that it's love that's leading you to do so.

  3. Good try Bear, but as you know most Catholics reading your blog on egg gate and bird gate would wonder what the fuss is all about and what is wrong with you. They would think there is nothing wrong with practicing homosexuality since it is all about love and acceptance but there is everything wrong with racism as it refuses both love and acceptance.

    But cheer up, my guess is that most Catholics still believe pedophilia is a bad thing. But in the next few years who knows.

    Your idea, Bear, of a falling asteroid or comet may be the only possible wake up call. Fifty years ago I would have said what is happening today with the Church was inconceivable. Now we know what the devil can do with a massive loss of faith in God. May He help us soon.

    1. I think aliens would be cooler. As long as they don't have super big ships, come in too great a number, or have technology to wipe us out by pressing a button or something. I mean, that they be manageable enough that some humans survive and take back the planet.

      As for asteroids... As always there seems to be plausible deniability as to whether one fell at all this time. We don't really know what the Pope's role was here. On the other hand the Bear's point is well taken. It's like every other week. Who knew, who didn't know, who could have manipulated... And at the end the hardest thing to take: why is there silence, or near-silence about this?!

      When I first read the original headline it did feel like a Near Extinction Event... for a second. Because even though I knew right away there will be more to the story, a small part of me was not shocked and ready to believe it! And that is the part that makes me very sad. How "normal" these things have become-

  4. Ok...I think you made it clear for guppies like me. I was still trying to give benefit of the doubt. Thank you!
    On another note, how is the goat?

    1. The goat has the shepherdess baffled. Sometimes she doubts the goat is pregnant at all. But she's big as a horse, and her udder is filled with milk. So we really have no idea what's going on. She seems happy enough, though.

    2. Pseudocyesis?


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