Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Goat Watch

Holly at the Blessing of the Animals.
Dig the groovy stole! (Souvenir from Latin America trip.)

Holly is a very mysterious goat.

The Shepherdess thinks she should have given birth weeks ago. Yet each day goes from dawn to sunset without a baby, nor does the next dawn add to the herd.

Please, God, send us a doeling, and not a buckling. The males do us no good except on the table. We have all the males we need to keep the herd going and then some.

We haven't eaten any of our goats yet. But we might. No, we will. Unless we get a girl.


This time we mean it.


  1. Don't eat Deuce....PLEASE, not Deuce!

  2. Your pleas have been heard on this day when we remember St. Monica's intercession for her son, St. Augustine, back in the days when he was known as Augustine the living-in-sin-heretic pagan. Deuce is safe. Wellington the white buckling, however, doesn't have much to recommend him.


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