Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Church After Plan 9 From Germany

Regardless of the outcome of the Synod, Cardinal Marx and the majority of German bishops are Hell-bent to use the Church to promote the sins of sodomy and adultery. Germany is going its own way into de facto schism. Rome lacks the will to bring the German bishops back into line, partly out of fear of making matters worse.

Cardinal Marx has already said Germany is not a "branch of Rome," and can do what it wants. It is no accident that the Germans are making their move now, under Pope Francis. Other countries possessed of bishops with a similar evil disposition will not miss Rome's capitulation.

In some countries, what we euphemistically call "divorced and remarried" (meaning "adulterers") will be welcome in the communion line, as will be practicing, proud homosexuals, "married" or otherwise.

This is happening. It is happening sooner than you think.

The result will be a Church whose unity is fractured, whose catholicism is extinguished, and whose "holiness" is expressed by promoting sodomy.

That's three of the four marks of the Church: "one, holy, and catholic."

We still got "apostolic" going for us, and one out of four could be worse.

Where will the Church be? The Bear believes we're all going to be asking tough questions soon.


  1. The Church and the world will be reeling under Divine Justice where fire from the sky will wipe out a great part of humanity. That from the approved apparition of Akita.

  2. My guess is the changes will hardly be noticeable as these things are already happening in an unofficial way. And my guess it will stay unofficial from the Vatican point of view. Why change official doctrine when changing praxis works do well?

    But we believe God knows all of this and has a plan. Hopefully, a prophetic leader will emerge to tell us what it is. Maybe it will be you Bear.

    1. Agreed as to the first, but does that make a difference? As to the second, the Bear would be the worst prophet since Jonah, and people would be offended by all the jawbone-rippin'. But thanks.


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