Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Friendliest Hen in the World -- and Friend

A reader had requested a picture of The Friendliest Hen in the World. So here she is with our magnificent, but evil, rooster, Hermes. Don't they make a handsome couple?

Hermes has taken to bringing all of his hens together under the shade of our patio table. It's cute, but hard to get a picture of, since they run to the people. The Shepherdess takes a bucket along when she goes near the rooster. He attacks her, so she plops the bucket on top of him, which buys her enough time to escape. 

A rooster attack is no laughing matter.


  1. We have a hen just like that, Henny Penny. She's roosting now, wants to make more chicks. They don't lay as much in the 105 degree heat. I don't know what kind of rooster we have, but I do know he never shuts up. His name is Elvis. He somehow stays on top of his 25 hens.

    1. Yeah, our girls aren't laying, either on account of the heat.

  2. I'm ready for some more goat-antics or goat pictures! Pretty please.


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