Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Wisdom of "@Card_Maradiaga"

The Bear hates to bury a long article (the Strange Conclave of 1903) but the SSPX controversy warranted a post, anyway, so the fascinating tale of possible satanism, sex and secret societies will no doubt languish unread.

The Bear just wants to invite your attention to the "Wisdom of Cardinal Maradiaga" tweets he's featuring in the right column.

The Bear is dead certain this is a parody, but isn't going to argue the point. Whether you think it is or not, consider it another service of your friend, the Bear. It's not over until we lose our sense of humor.


  1. "A Saxphone can be a telephone to heaven." Yeah. It's like one of those 1990's portables.

  2. "Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out."

    -- I, Claudius

  3. The Bear is honored to say that His Eminence "favorited" the Bear's reply tweet that divorce and remarriage can be considered "serial polygamy" and can benefit from the wisdom of the African experience."

  4. Has The Bear seen this?:

    1. Yes. I found much more in that, too. For the Cardinal, every prior Pope was (just?) a Pope, but Francis is a pastor (as well as a Pope). And an influential Roman men spoke with the Cardinal before Francis' election and told the Cardinal that Bergoglio could "reform the Church" in five years.

      In listening to most of that video, I realized I could raise about 500 questions to the Cardinal in response to his remarks. As it stands, I found his thought incoherent and vague, not unlike the man he was praising.

      I returned last night to reading just a few pages from Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth and I found some peace in my soul again. Perhaps there are not strictly speaking two Churches, but the lived reality suggests as much to me.

      God bless you, Bear, and thank you for the opportunity to comment.


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