Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bear at First Things

First Things, normally a respectable journal of religion, is celebrating Catholic Earth Day by publishing one of the Bear's Dear Reinhard pieces, with commentary.

Speaking of which the Bear has intended to do another installment of "Dear Reinhard," but can't get it in edgewise what with Piccolo Uovo getting the Vatican equivalent of the Newberry Award or whatever.

Catholic Earth Day

The Bear, even as a Bear, must respectfully object to Catholic Earth Day.

It puts "The Earth" on the calendar with our saints, not to forget Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is faddish, and institutionalizes the hoax of Global Warming. It subtly suggests that the Earth is in the hands of man, instead of being sustained by God, and that man's all-powerful actions extend to its destruction or preservation.

Now, the Pope says he's just doing what the Orthodox are doing. After all, who could complain about the orthodoxy of the Orthodox? However, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has long been the engineer on the environmental wacky train. If the Bear were stuck in Istanbul as one of 120,000 Christians surrounded by 75 million Turks, he'd probably pick some pagan hobby horse to ride, too. Pope Francis doesn't have that excuse.

Worst of all, the Church is now stuck with this silliness forever.

It would be as if Pope Paul VI declared Pet Rock Day in 1976, and here we are, in 2015, still having to blog about pet rocks once a year. How embarrassing.


  1. Bear! You hit the big time being cited by First Things. Don't let it go to your pretty fuzzy head!

  2. I forgot about it entirely. It wasn't mentioned at Mass this morning. Early desuetude?

  3. BEAR!!! It has happened -- you have been published in the pages of First Things!! and I feel quite lark-like over it :-)

    Oh, happy day, and many more.

  4. Congrats!

    Gee. I forgot earth day. I watered our plants and fed our dog...and took him out...does that count? I mean it's about our lived experience right?

  5. Kudos, Bear. I like First Things, but your blog is lots more fun.

    Seattle kim

  6. Good for you Bear....


  7. Catholic Earth Day????....and I too am celebrating with my first cup of coffee from my new favorite mug! Could get get any better? (I love my mug. Even my dear husband who is of the baptist persuasion likes it)

    Well I am glad our Lord is allowing you to roar in larger arenas.

  8. Thanks to all of you for your nice comments. I am mainly wondering if I should have explained what a pet rock was for any post-bomber readers. The best part is that His Eminence is more likely to have Dear Reinhardt brought to his attention.

  9. Great job Bear! You're in the big league. Well done!

  10. Not forever, only until the Second Coming, which is not that far off. The Warning will ensure that the real Church dumps this mother earth idolatry, while the one world church will get worse.


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