Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bear Swag News

UPDATE: The Bear's article for today -- entitled Islam is Satan's Invention -- was accidentally deleted. The devil is everywhere. A reminder that blogging remains a mostly amateur activity.

The response to the Bear's store has been fantastic. Thanks, woodland creatures (especially Badger). The Bear just wanted to let you know that the 20% off sale is still on, but there's a new code.


That is all.


  1. To paraphrase Charlie Brown, "Even my own Bear has gone commercial."

    1. LOL

      Making fun of poor old Bear trying to survive on a military disability pension ;-P

      Seriously, as you know, blogs are a lot of work. Even St. Benedict's rule says the monks should sell items in the marketplace. For the Bear's share of the sales, though, it's mostly for fun, and pays for a book now and then.

    2. I should make some $ off this too. We have only one income and our kids are just approaching teen years...hey, time for them to begin to be self-supporting..maybe it won't be so bad.

  2. OH MAN!....i hope you can re-create it; sounds like a good one.

    On the other topic, the swag is great....planning another buy soon...the pajamas are the bomb!'s getting just about right to put that nice flannel on (one note to those wanting to buy...go a size up in the PJ's, they run a skoshe bit small...after a washing and low dry (or 2) they'll be just right).


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