Sunday, September 6, 2015

Can You Say Shibboleth?

And the Gileadites took the fords of the Jordan against the Ephraimites. And when any of the fugitives of Ephraim said, "Let me go over," the men of Gilead said to him, "Are you an Ephraimite?" When he said, "No," they said to him, "Then say Shibboleth," and he said, "Sibboleth," for he could not pronounce it right; then they seized him and slew him at the fords of the Jordan.
Judges 12:5,6 (RSVCE).

The Bear found this agitprop in his Facebook feed. It had been posted by a young Catholic mother from whom The Bear expected better.

This is just mean-spirited.

This is the Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis, who faces indefinite imprisonment for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The joke is that this is an ad for a show called "Orange is the New Black," in which a "nice" woman is sent to a federal woman's penitentiary.

The simulation of marriage by homosexuals is the precise fault line in the spiritual life of our country. Everyone seems to be either for or against it, and strongly so. Those who are for it seem compelled to make their opinion known to one and all.

Part of that is the need to morally preen. To show their friends that they are the right sort of people. But you can't read comments on social media without learning that this is also an opportunity for people who hate Christians to finally say so in a safe and supportive setting.

Same-sex marriage is the "shibboleth" of our age. You can either pronounce it you can't, and that way everybody knows which side you're on. Not just on gay marriage, but everything. It neatly separates those who are caught in the current of the Prince of the World from those who have at least a flicker of supernatural insight and stand on their own two feet. Today they imprison us. Will they tomorrow spill our blood at the ford because we cannot say shibboleth? Hatred is in the air, unmitigated by the Gospel, so don't be so sure.

The Bear isn't saying that everyone who is against gay marriage is going to heaven. But he is saying that everyone who is for it is caught in the current of the Prince of the World. Unless they stop pushing away the branches Christians are holding out to them, the stream they are in must carry them to Hell.


  1. Man!...(or rather, Bear!), you've lost none of your clarity. Dead-on analysis. Welcome back!...I hope you're back for're very missed when not.

    I would say that we've had 2 faultlines in the spiritual life of our country (as we must), because they align perfectly with the 2 Great Commandments.

    Abortion is the ultimate sin against the of neighbor.

    SS 'marraige' is the ultimate sin against the of God. It is a direct mockery of the relational Life of God in His Trinity (that which is materially reflected in the man-woman divinely instituted model of marriage). And it is a rehash of the sin of satan, which is attempting to usurp God's throne; determining for oneself what is good and evil, over and above what God has revealed as such. As horrific and ontologically evil as abortion is (and it is!), this is even more-so.

    Kim Davis is the canary in this country...and isn't is interesting that she is non-Catholic and a Democrat? (the first doesn't surprise me in the least, the second is a gobsmack).

    1. Exactly my thoughts Susan....EXACTLY. Especially being a non-Catholic (well not so surprising) but a DEMOCRAT? I guess Bear is right, Southern Democrats are much more conservative, the Northeastern ones are uber progressive. Hmm....maybe I don't have this right but didn't they used to call conservative Democrats 'Bluedogs'? Frankly, I didn't think we had many of them still hanging around, but?

    2. If there truly are any 'conservative democrats' left, I've just gotta say, why?...and how? This is the party that boo'd God, literally boo'd God. I don't understand the cognitive dissonance involved in having traditional core values while wearing the label of a party that butchers babies, sells their organs, and makes taxpayers fund it; redefines the un-redefinable and sanctions everything that is against the laws of the God of the Bible (they have their own god); makes toilet paper of the Constitution; sets race against race; sex against sex (when they aren't doing away with 'gender' altogether); class against class; and promotes, funds, and mandates every radical, hair-brained, evil agenda that's ever been cooked up in the bowels of hell since the fall of the first rebel.

      How and why does a conservative southerner call him/herself a democrat? I understand cultural ties; but that doesn't explain lining up with evil, when the party has utterly dynamited it's former foundation. Don't get me wrong, the other side ain't much better...I handed in my 'republican card' a few years ago. I'll vote for the best person; the one who reflects and expounds a moral, reasoned, and sound world-view and agenda. In the reality of today that might not be a republican, but it sure-as-shootin' will NEVER be a democrat....not where they've taken their party. And I could no sooner see myself (and I am a transplanted southerner) wearing the democrat label, than I could see myself wearing a swastika on my forehead. I just don't get the cognitive dissonance.

      Sorry for the ramble; I'm just gobsmacked.

    3. It's just the way things are in many places. Your granddaddy was a Democrat, your daddy was a Democrat, and you're a Democrat. They don't connect the party with its platform. It's still "the working man's party," fighting against those evil fat cat Republicans. Another thing is that in many places, you are not going to get elected dogcatcher unless you are a Democrat. So for elected officials, there is a method to the madness. Well, one Democrat just got introduced to the full implications of her chosen party.

  2. Southern Democrats often aren't like northeastern Democrats. The Democrats around the Bear are mostly conservative. Guess they have a hard time connecting the dots. I actually thought about abortion as another fault line. The reason I decided it wasn't the same was that average people won't go all-out for abortion. There is something weird about the way same sex marriage demands allegiance, that pinch of incense, in a way abortion just requires to be tolerated. If you are not flying the rainbow banner, you are THE ENEMY and can expect no quarter.

    1. Yes on your SSM fault line idea. Hardly anyone likes the idea of abortion while they do SSM. To them SSM advocacy connotes acceptance and LOVE. Why, it is positively saintly. Nearly all liberals favor it.

      But like the SCOTUS Dred Scott decisiion, the SSM decision is not legitimate and neither is Roe vs. Wade. Neither should be obeyed just as Lincoln ignored Dred Scott. These are decisions that must be decided by the people's representatives.

      And lastly SSM and abortion decisions would not have happened if the Catholic Church had been doing it's job. I think the Church could still get these bad laws overturned. All it would take is lots of courage. Unfortunately, this is in short supply especially when the Church itself is on the government dole and in hot pursuit of liberal acceptance. Now if Pope Francis would just come out strongly against SSM just like he did with climate change. That would surely be the day!

    2. 'Now, if Pope Francis would just come out strongly against SSM'......yes, I guess we can always hope, but I'm not holding my breath.

  3. yes, and yet so many people still say "oh I personally don't believe in SSM, but I won't stand in way of others wanting it", just like "if you don't want abortion, don't have one". Neutrality is the new right.
    I am so grateful to God for you who express my thoughts and consciousness in a way I can process clearly. No muddle.

  4. Romans1:32 Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them. IT IS NOT JUST THOSE WHO DO SUCH THINGS, BUT ALSO THOSE WHO CONSENT TO THEM THAT DO THEM. St. Paul is saying we cannot openly accept or give approval, otherwise we will be held in the same judgement.

  5. Shibboleth, indeed.

    "There is no place in the workplace of today, or of the future, for discriminating against an individual based on sexual orientation."

    So says Tim Boyle, the CEO of Columbia Sportswear in Portland, Oregon, commenting on the recent furor over St. Mary’s Academy rescinding a job offer to a lesbian; she was applying to be a counselor at the all-girls high school, and had spilled the beans about marrying her girlfriend.

    Tim went to Jesuit High School; his wife Mary went to St. Mary’s. Tim is a top donor to St. Mary’s; he probably also donates heavily to Jesuit. It is a brutal fact that business elites decided a few years ago, in consultation with their legal departments, that gays must be celebrated by all employees.

    St. Mary’s governing board has apologized to the community, and has changed their employment policy to state they will not discriminate based on sexual orientation. In addition, they affirm their Catholic identity in the strongest possible terms:

    St. Mary's Academy has always been and will always be rooted in the Catholic faith as exemplified by our founders the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Amending an employment policy does not impact our commitment to our Catholic values, our Catholic traditions, and our commitment to educating young women in an ever-changing world. At the heart of what we do is to teach young women to understand and handle complex issues with critical minds, discernment, values, and a lens of social justice. As generations of alumnae can attest and serve as our models, St. Mary's is deeply committed to its Catholic tradition, and educates women to be leaders in their communities.

    Archbishop Sample at first tried to back the school in rescinding the offer, then the school folded like a cheap suit, and so now he is "in conversation" with the school about their status.

  6. Having an "out and proud" lesbian as a counsellor at a girls' Catholic school renders any claim to be Catholic null and void. In his letter to the Romans St Paul warns that those, having known the justice of God, who uphold woman doing unnatural things with other women are worthy of death. (Romans 1:26-32). Bishop Sample needs to publically announce the Academy is no longer Catholic and wash his hands of it. Most won't care what the bishop does. Then the school, with a clear conscience, will be able to send the girls to do volunteer work at the local Plan Parenthood for their peace and justice credit.

    Catholicism is rendered meaningless in the post-conciliar church of man.

  7. Pope Francis visits with Kim Davis! Read more @ Vox Cantoris...what the Pope does best.

    1. Ask yourself, is this the sort of comment that the Bear is now likely to have unlimited patience with? Besides, is the point that the Pope visited a prison, but did not visit Kim Davis? Good satire has a hook to reality. No pope, never, in a million years does this on a visit to the U.S. This isn't so much satire as a tedious "point" that could have been made much more economically.

      We've already hashed out Pope Francis ad nauseam, SP. We will continue to discuss him in the proper context. Gratuitous swipes are not part of the Bear's unfolding master plan to counsel the doubtful and comfort the afflicted. The Bear invites you to move forward with him to a similar, but new part of the woods.


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