Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dream Thief Minor Revision

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Bear may have failed at the complicated task of making the proper links available for three different formats of The Dream Thief. As of 3:30 p.m. 8/20/15, all links are proper and current with the latest revision. The Amazon link is still uploading as of writing, which can take many hours, but that will be the revised version, too. (You can tell because the revised version has block title lettering and white author's name, a title page and says "St. Corbinian's Bear Publishing Co.") The Bear apologizes for any inconvenience. As to the free PDF and iBooks versions you may see a window asking you to sign up for Dropbox. Simply look for the "x" in the upper right hand corner of that message window and click out of it, then proceed to download the file. You will actually see the PDF manuscript; the iBooks ePub file you will have to download. It should automatically open in your reader.


Ms. Ursula Archer has notified the Bear of a few minor revisions to The Dream Thief on the advice of one of the Bear's male cubs, who is a writer. (Wordsmithing runs in the family.) The ending is expanded a tad to make it more satisfying. The Bear's cub thought "Joshua" and "John" were too close for comfort, so Joshua's name got changed to Justin. "Justin" is reminiscent of "justice," so it's a better name for a defense lawyer anyway.

The new version is up at PDF manuscript link in the right column. If you haven't read it yet, your wait paid off. "Who's Molly?" indeed!

And no feedback? The Bear needs to know if there are glaring problems. He's sure Ursula Archer can take criticism. And if you enjoyed it, toss the Bear a fish and say so. Please?


  1. In the fullness (fulness?) of time, Bear...out of town houseguests coming for a few days, after which I'll be able to read, and think about what I've read...good news is, I've at least been able to glance at the PDF manuscript and it is SUPER clear and legible, a boon to my perennially fatigued eyes.

    It will be great when I can finally find out What Happens Next.

    1. Jane, if you downloaded before this post (the revision announcement) you might want to download again to get the improved edit. It's not much, but worth the effort, I think.

    2. Have now read "The Dream Thief", and recommend that you incorporate it and "Judging Angels" into a series of Justin Hardy thrillers. Hardy ultimately would be kind of a marvelous blend of Mike Hammer and Father Brown. Seriously.

      I must tell you, though, that as founder and sole member of the doomed-to-failure Bring Back the Hays Office movement, I consider graphic depictions of violence against persons to be incompatible with artistry and, well, decency -- and therefore far beneath you. So, charity (and vexation) compel me to tell you to STOP WITH THE BASEBALL BAT-TYPE STUFF. I say this realizing that such a sentiment is uncongenial to the nature of bears.

      Paging St. Corbinian...

    3. You thought that was graphic? LOL Guess my decency meter has become mis-calibrated from a career of looking at crime scene and autopsy photos. I could figure out another way. Hope it didn't give you nightmares! Judging Angels could be a sequel, with the Dream Thief telling how the couple meet. I was more concerned with the technical okay but dangerous romantic element. Justin was having his cake in a rather morally dubious fashion, but hey, can't be blamed, right? Tell me, were you surprised? (Please no spoilers.)

    4. Yes, I was plenty surprised. This is quite a masterful piece of storytelling.

  2. Jane had guests and I am out of town and away from my tech savey husband who could direct me on how to access it from Amazon, (which I have no problem in figuring out how to buy stuff!) to my ipad.
    yes, I tried the other way too, but ...all I can say is my gifts lie elsewhere.
    Looking forward to reading it!

    1. You should be able to buy it from Amazon like any other book. (Keep in mind it is only a novelette.) But it will cost you 99 cents. The free PDF is hosted in my Drop Box. You should just be able to download it. (Click out of any screens trying to have you sign up for Drop Box.) You probably have a PDF reader, but if not, can download one for free from Adobe. If you have the iBooks app (i.e. you own an iPad) you can download a free copy via Drop Box (see the PDF instructions). Hope that helps.

    2. ok, I read it, thank you! It was especially disturbing to me, probably because in my own family we are suffering from an infidelity to the sacrament of marriage, but the story was a page-turner for sure.
      Reminded me of "Criminal Minds", the first season - really good. What was scary was how blind we can be to those we interact with every day...we just don't know. I didn't do research, but dream theiving sure made it interesting.

    3. "Dream stealing" isn't a thing. Well, it is, but I won't go further into that. I'm glad you liked it. I hope you didn't see it coming. (No spoilers!)


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