Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Important Blog Note

"Important Blog Note" sounds patently nugatory.

At any rate, the Bear is suspending comments for three days to let things settle down a bit. Many people are reacting to the Bear's new focus for the blog, as displayed on the title: "counsel the doubtful, comfort the afflicted and fish." The Bear gets this.

However, the Bear would like to let the fact of the change, and what it means, sink in. He is sure his readership can understand that it makes little sense to narrowcast a message of faithfulness as a plain ol' Roman Catholic, secure in the indefectibility of the Church, while more words are devoted to a contrary message by commenters. The Bear wants this to be a place where things are calmly considered in context and in faithfulness to the Roman Catholic Church, and the faithful are not scandalized.

(And there's no way to say this nicely, but you understand no blogger is obligated to allow all or any comments. We provide a private, free service for readers on our terms. The first person who says the word "censorship" loses.)

The Bear has been criticized for using the term "crypto-schismatic mentality." He didn't know that was a trigger to trads. As the Bear uses it, it means a concealed or latent turning away from the plain ol' Catholic Church in attitude, to some other authority: a spirit of separation.

If you say things like:

  • if the Synod on the Family does x, then we'll all know what we must do
  • private revelation reveals that the institutional Church is no longer authentic, and only a faithful remnant remains
  • I just can't take FrancisChurch any more, so I'm heading for the SSPX (or SSPV or wherever)
  • what will you do when your parish does x (installs laser lights, a jumbotron, bongos)?
  • the Novus Ordo Mass is invalid (or is an outrage)
  • Pope Gregory XVII was the last real pope (or Pope Pius XII, for that matter)
  • Vatican II is invalid

These are Bear trigger words.

And that's what the Bear means by a crypto-schismatic mentality. You are outside of the heartland of the plain ol' Catholic Church that God has seen fit to publicly give the rest of us poor stooges, and reprobates. You are evincing a willingness to turn to someplace other than the plain ol' Roman Catholic Church for your liturgy, instruction, and loyalty. 

You can remain technically in the Church while committing schism "in your heart." 

It is not having legitimate concerns that you are trying to work out while remaining consciously faithful to the Roman Catholic Church. And not some invisible, or hidden "real" Church, either, but the actual real Church, the one in Rome, whose Pope commands the attention of the entire United States and world. The city built on a hill, the one with St. Peter's and the 2000 year-old brand. That Church. 

Bears can change. They can abandon one fish if they find a better one. The Bear has always enjoyed his combox. When this was a general-purpose conservative Catholic blog, there were great discussions from some of the best commenters on the internet. The Bear invites you do three things:
  1. Don't caricaturize the Bear's approach as a defense or apology for what we all agree is not the best -- "bad but stay," not "bad therefore leave." This is about the indefectibility of the Church and loyalty to the one visible institution in which salvation may be found.
  2. Don't continue to rehearse every complaint against the Church and the Pope. We've covered that and are not going to wallow in our own crapulence here. The Bear will continue to provide appropriate commentary in context, entertainment and agitprop.
  3. If you can be respectful of this blog's mission, and contribute to the discussion, the Bear invites you to a New and Promising Future in the woodlands a mile and a half to the east of the old woodlands, as regular ol' Catholics, secure in the indefectibility of and loyal to their Church.

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