Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kim Davis Sequel: Pope Dislikes Pro-Gay Mayor of Rome

Rome Mayor with two cohabitating homosexuals who have obtained children.

Pope Francis really doesn't like Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino! There is a humorous article in The Guardian which involves a flash of papal anger on the flight home from Philadelphia, and a prank call from an Italian radio show called La Zanzara (The Mosquito).

The caller pretended to be Italian Primer Minister Matteo Renzi. The target of the prank was Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the head of the Pontifical Council on the Family.

"The Pope was furious!" said real Archbishop Vincenzo to fake PM Renzi. Archbishop Vincenzo made fun of the mayor's customary sash. "He really looked like a fool," the Archbishop said.

But the reason this may be more than a little fun is this factoid: the Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino is not only a lefty, but is a big pusher of homosexual marriage (see above photo).

So the Bear finds three encouraging data points recently: (1) the Pope's speech to Congress; (2) the improbable meeting with Kim Davis; and (3) that the Pope can't stand Rome's lefty mayor who backs homosexual marriage. And so we continue to read the tea leaves, but it would be nice if the Pope would come out and state the obvious that homosexual marriage is an impossibility. Maybe he prefers to let the Synod reach that conclusion so the nature of family rests on a broader base.

One thing we know for sure: the Pope hates talking about below-the-belt issues. The only time the Bear can remember him spontaneously speaking strongly about such an issue was his famous "rabbit" remark.

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