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Coming next: a new installment of Dear Reinhard -- "MAD!" Wherein "Multi's" sister and "Strudel's"  aunt gives Reinhard a piece of her mind.


  1. [You'll have to pardon my irritation.]

    You know, I never really thought it was about me "saving the Church", and I'm pretty sure it's not helpful to characterize it in those terms. It seems to be a variety of the false-opposition tactic of which the Holy Father is so fond.

    My concerns include the following:
    - If a large chunk of the clergy effectively apostasizes in response to a pastoral "allowance" that comes down from Rome (and they will), how do the lay faithful proceed? Nail your foot to the floor in a parish in which the priest has agreed to commit sacrilege? Stay home? Interview all the priests in town to identify those who will stand firm?
    - How do I square filial obedience with a pope who introduces novelties into Church teaching?
    - What course do I steer in order to protect my family and assist them towards salvation?
    - Should I raise the alarm with my Catholic friends, most of whom seem quite happy to follow the pope wherever he goes?

    Note that none of this involves heroic delusions of "saving the Church", nor does it prevent me from praying as I ought. It is, instead, a very personal effort to work out my salvation--and the salvation of those I love--in fear and trembling. We are in uncharted waters.

    So when you joke about people trying to "save the Church", you are mischaracterizing the motives and fears of a substantial portion of your audience. I understand that you are trying not to endanger souls, and I don't care if you cut out the snark, but please realize that endangerment is a two-edged sword. You can just as easily drive people away through facile distortions as through snark.

  2. Bears believe God placed us in a home in the parish we belong in. It may be a bit of Bearish superstition, but yeah, that's pretty much it. I think we have a duty to mitigate heretical teaching with our families. I believe we should home school.

    And don't pretend, my friend, that there aren't plenty of people taking to the blogosphere questioning the legitimacy of Pope Francis, of Vatican II, and we just had the SSPX declare that the Mass was an outrage against God. Please, we both have reason to know a "save the Church" (if not leave-the-church) mentality is alive and well.

    The Bear stands for the plain ol' Catholic Church, as a plain ol' Roman Catholic, without the hint of a qualifier and he ain't goin' nowhere. If a third of the priests apostasize (how?) I promise I'll address that sensibly when it happens. I can't imagine a situation when I am left without valid sacraments at my parish. Is that what you're talking about? You think priests are going go so far away from the Church that they will cease to turn the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ? Sorry, Murray, I just can't follow you there, and whatever readership I end up with -- probably zero by the end of the week, which would be fine at this point, because I learned that my life doesn't really change with my fluctuating page views -- can expect to be challenged, entertained and informed within a proper context. In the end, this is my blog, and it's for really special people ;-) I have my own approach, which is to nail my foot to the floor in front of my favorite pew and die there. Never made a secret of that. There are plenty of other blogs that do a great job of chronicaling the about-to-be great apostasy, demise of the Church, rise of the secret Church, whatever. Once I decided I didn't need to be another one of them, it all fell into place. I can't tell you how much at peace I've felt since I aligned my writing with my philosophy. There was always a tension, before.

    I liked that bit of agitprop. I stand by it. I don't take it personally that you don't like it. I also get that people feel whiplashed by the direction the blog has taken. You are invited to stay on as a contrarian reality check, or a guilty pleasure. We go way back, and I respect you. I ask you to respect the Bear.

  3. YEAY!!!! Another installment of Dear Reinhardt!!!!!! I am giddy with excitement!!!!

    Seattle kim


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