Thursday, September 10, 2015

Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down

The Bear could not resist sharing this soulful song from Robert Plant's new band, Band of Joy. It has two other great artists, Buddy Miller (who also produced the album; the man's a genius) and Patty Griffin. The album version is slightly less spare, with a lo-fi sound.  Maybe you don't like Americana, but if nothing else, you know part of what the Bear has on his iTunes. Yeah, Robert Plant could use a haircut, but maybe it's a souvenir from his Led Zeppelin days.

The Bear needed to break out his guitar and calm down after writing the previous article. His mate says he definitely adds "something" to the band.


  1. Nice. Has Robert Plant found Jesus? This song cancels out his lewd lyrics on some of his earlier "art" don't you think?

    My spouse waxes sentimental on Led Zeppelin. I'll have to share this with him.

  2. My first thought was that this was an old Southern hymn re-do, but it appears Plant wrote it. Sure is hairy these days, needs to tie it up so he doesn't look like a street person.

    Seattle kim

  3. I was surprised at Plant's reinvention of himself. He and Patty Griffin did a song called "Ohio." (Patty is the woman in the video rockin' the black leather dress -- his girlfriend.) You can find it on YouTube. It is a really cool video and the song is haunting.


  4. Plant started in this musical direction several years ago--it's very good in my opinion.


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