Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Pope's Problem

Did you ever wonder why Jesus didn't book passage to Rome and tell Caesar wonderful Gospel principles for running the Roman Empire?

The Holy Father, on the other hand, comes to the American Congress and talks to them about global warming.

Catholic leftists, no matter what their rank or position, don't get it.

They never will.


  1. They never will because they don't know what the Gospel is! To such people, it's only convenient rhetoric to mask their political, ideological and (especially in the case of the prelates) careerist agendas.

  2. And it almost seems that Pope Francis wouldn't mind if the government were to rewrite the Gospel, like doing away with any reference to homosexuality, adultery, fornication and other inconvenient moral norms. That way the Church could spend its time on the really important stuff like climate change and income redistribution.


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