Friday, October 30, 2015

Are Lawyers Over-Represented in Catholic Blogdom?

Is it the Bear's perspective, or does Catholic blogging have more than its fair share of lawyers? Why might that be?

  • Lawyers are drawn to controversy
  • Lawyers are rules-oriented
  • Lawyers respect precedent 
  • Lawyers are experienced in writing relatively short, persuasive briefs
  • Lawyers can digest facts quickly and accurately
  • Lawyers can be very passionate about their side winning
  • Lawyers feel right at home in an adversary environment
  • Lawyers tend to be smart people, who are often worthwhile writers
  • Lawyers have to understand both sides of a case
  • Lawyers have a state-of-the-art BS detector developed over years of being lied to
  • Lawyers enjoy a forum where the rules are relaxed and they don't have to be courtroom stiffs

Am I right about there being a lot of lawyers out there, especially in traditionalist circles?

Any lawyer bloggers want to chime in?

While the Bear's last piece was tongue-in-cheek, he does feel lawyers have a good skill set for blogging (although not exclusive qualifications).

Any other professions over-represented in Catholic blogdom? Under-representated? Where are Catholic physicians, Catholic dentists, Catholic car salesmen? Is it only the "writing professions" that provide the most bloggers?

How about women vs. men? Who is doing more blogging?


  1. I am a female attorney who has been drawn to blogging on Catholicism. I began by being called as coordinator for adult faith formation at my parish. I sought, with my committee, to unearth why no one participates and what we could do. We took surveys and finally decided to do a color, glossy, professional appearing hand out with brief articles on a variety of topics. I wrote and edited it, and it received a great response because I researched areas of theology and doctrine few average Catholics know. However, on this journey I began to uncover the true catholic faith, which left me feeling bewildered, appalled and sorrowful, for there was so much truth that most Catholics don't know.
    I feared at the time, that as I was learning, I would misrepresent true doctrine and could accidently mislead others, so I stopped the newsletter. This coincided with a shift in my parish shortly after Pope Francis became Pope. Now I am unsure if my pastor would be so exuberant about my revealing the very truths of our faith that this pontificate seeks so fervently to obscure. I considered blogging, but my children need my time too much to write daily posts and there are many fine Catholic bloggers such as yourself, with successful blogs writing with great knowledge already. However, if my children were grown, I would be another lawyer who has a Catholic Blog, for the reasons you mention, for those are the same skills I used to write concise doctrinal articles that coincided with current events or the liturgical calendar, in layman terms, for our newsletter. We attorneys know how to pick out relevant facts and apply logical reasoning succinctly and anticipate counter- arguments. I for one appreciate that your lawyering skills are put to such excellent use on this blog :-) May God Bless you!

    1. Maybe later. Thor Bear cannot imagine blogging with kids still in the house although he knows some good bloggers who manage. Maybe it's because he had so many! Your family definitely comes first. Thanks for the kind words.

      Remember, don't be afraid to be small, though, if you decide to blog. And Google's Blogger service makes it pretty easy. The Bear will look forward to your blog whenever you decide to start. Be sure to let him know.

      And the Bear's not so sure he's "successful." Maybe third tier.

    2. Thor Bear? Gahrrr! Lol -- Swype keyboard strikes again! From the frozen north lands comes Thor Bear!

    3. Haha :-) Thank you for the encouraging words and the advice. Should I choose to start a blog I will certainly let you know. My current newsletters are in PDF format on the parish adult faith formation website I maintain:
      I use the word maintain loosely :-) Not much has been added since I started practicing law part time.

  2. I don't know Bear. I'm pretty fussy, and you are now on my list of "regular" blogs to check. Check that, I'm very fussy. You've got a gift for it. But when you mentioned the lawyer connection, you left out for me an important factor, orthodoxy and loving the Catholic faith. Without those, I'm not interested.
    You have a great sense of humor, and I love the bear drawings. I don't know who does them, but they're SUPER. There's something relatable about your comments. They're not lawyerly, they're just good.
    Frank commentary about what's going on. That is what I am looking for right now. It seems to be only coming from non-clerical sources. The silence from clergy is deafening, and getting to be upsetting, and I am only just reading commentary that speaks to this. If I feel it, I tend to think there are others who feel it as well.
    We may actually have no John Fisher's in our world today, represented by the clergy, I mean. If being censored, or slapped on the wrist, or talked about, is all it takes to silence our faithful clergy, well, that would mean we are in even bigger trouble than I thought.
    I hope and pray that if the Apostolic Exhortation comes out and has problematic material, that we will hear a great deal more from our clerics at all levels. If someone had told us twenty years ago what would be proposed by CARDINALS at a Synod, we would have jumped off a cliff. We are all of us getting used to this stuff, and that is bad, bad. It is as upsetting to see how little reaction there is to these evil recommendations as it is to hear them in the first place.
    I love your blog!

  3. Chris Ferrara from The Remnant is a practicing lawyer.

    1. So is Timman at St. Louis Catholic. Seems I'm forgetting some I thought I knew. About par for the course these days.

  4. Add Donald McClarey from American Catholic. Strangely enough, his practice is apparently not far from the Bear's.


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