Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cubs or Cardinals?

The Cardinals have been disappointing. Tonight, so is the St. Louis baseball club. Geographically and historically, the Bear has been a Cardinals fan. Now that fate has pitted these two rivals in post-season play, the Bear may have to go with his species and root for the ursine team in Bear solidarity.

If, that is, he retained the slightest interest in sports. The Bear's not above it all, just suffering from sports ennui since the eighties and Whitey Herzog's heyday.


  1. Thinking of becoming a Cubs fan? I'll pray for you.

  2. The baseball Cardinals have been something to watch for over a decade now. I remember how bad they were in the 70s when I was a kid. I was all for the Reds, Johnny Bench and Pete Rose. I have found baseball to be a pleasant diversion from the difficulties in life and the world. Not an avoidance, just a pleasant interlude, nearly daily for over 6 months of the year. Pretty good reality television.

    I don't like playing the Cubs. The young kids are psyched. Madden has really gotten the Cards in his head and he has talked like he's studied each starting pitcher. Interestingly, J Garcia was the unknown to him b/c of Garcia's injuries over the years. He turned out to have a great year this year. Interesting that Garcia blew up and lost the game for the Cards. If one were conspiracy minded one would wonder whether Madden obtained spies to put something in Garcia's food. My hope is the youthful excitement and Madden over-thinking it will blow up in their face.

    Sad to have more confidence in the StL Cards than the Catholic Cards.


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