Friday, October 2, 2015

Forget Davis, Video Shows Giddy Meeting Between Pope,Homosexual "Couple"

This is why the Bear is so cautious reading the tea leaves.

The Vatican is making it clear that Pope Francis' meeting with Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples, means nothing. Nothing! Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the papal nuncio, or envoy, in Washington, just invited a number of people for a brief hug-and-two-rosaries-meeting with Pope Francis. Why, who knows if the Pope even knew who Davis was?

Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said the Vatican did not know why Davis was invited, but insisted the Pope had nothing to do with it.

In fact, the Vatican said "the only real audience" Pope Francis gave was to a former student of his, Yayo Grassi, now living in Washington, and Iwan Bagus, a man with whom the Pope's friend has been committing sodomy for 19 years. There were also others in the party. Grassi, one of the sodomites, is seen grinning over the Holy Father's shoulder below. A video is available.

So, what does this mean?

Probably that Pope Francis suffers from nostalgia from his old days in Argentina and was happy to meet an old student. So he was gay. Who am I to judge, right? In other words, it means nothing.

The Bear has made this comparison before: Pope Francis is eerily like Peter Sellers' character "Chance" in the 1979 hit "Being There." It's like he lives from moment to moment without reference to any larger world upon which he has an impact. He is a simple man elevated to high position, whose utterances are taken far more seriously than they should be.

We assume he would know that meeting with Kim Davis would be read one way, and meeting with his proudly sexually disordered former student and his boyfriend would be read the other. Is that a safe assumption? Could he just be taking life as it comes? Or does he know, and just doesn't care if anybody tries to connect the dots? Francis knows that figuring out Francis is an exercise in futility, and just shrugs if anyone is stupid enough to try.

The Bear is inclined toward the latter. Francis isn't telegraphing anything. His influence will be exercised where it counts, and we won't find out until later.

Popes Should Not Be Videoed Yucking it Up With Men 
Who Commit Sodomy With One Another

If the Bear were Pope, he would not meet with homosexual couples. "Who am I to judge?" is facile. These are people who are defined by their enjoyment of a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. Unlike other sinners, they don't think they have anything to repent of. They are positively reveling in mortal sin, and there is no reason to expect they will die in any other way. Frankly, the video is disgusting. The image is indelible: Pope Francis touching, being touched, grinning with, a pair of homosexuals. Showing total approval. He should be counseling them in private, not showing us all how we should be accepting and loving toward unrepentant sodomites.

If, as likely, the Pope sees the visit as just a meeting between an old student and professor from a pleasant time in his life, his attitude seems to be so what? Pope Francis has never made an effort to separate his official, public role as the Pope, from Jorge Bergoglio, a guy who did well as a churchman in Argentina, and seems have lots of friends, as well as some crackpot ideas.

It's an old act, and we're tired of it. Time to grow into the office and take it as seriously as it deserves. Even if Jorge must diminish as Francis grows.


  1. I just saw this earlier on youtube- came across it accidentally. Of course I am deeply disturbed by it- but not surprised. I feel like I'm reading the children's book 'Fortunately...Unfortunately'! The news leak that Francis met with Kim Davis cheered me up, but unfortunately the Vatican almost denied it. Still the news took the goofy smiles off the liberal media, until unfortunately this video came out.
    I go through this over & over like mini shock treatments. I am surprised he allowed himself to be videoed. If there was on old friend why would he not meet with his former teacher now pope privately, by himself. This would present the perfect opportunity for Francis to offer correction. This guy wants approval, brought a circus along, one woman weeping and grabbing Francis, his lover or partner, all smiling? He used Francis and politicized the event as homosexuals are wont to do.
    I am trying to keep my faith despite Francis. I will be in Rome at the end of the Synod- which we already know will be an even bigger scam than the last one. I will be there for Summorum Pontificum and look forward to that, as well as sinking deeply into the history of the faith in churches, frescoes, sculpture, chapels, etc.

    1. Rome makes a wonderful visit. Abbachio is the Bear's favorite.

      I'm thinking I'd rather have had ECT than see Francis with that oddly grinning homo. Memo: never get your hopes up. Francis will rip out your living heart and stomp on it.

      Doesn't mean he's not pope. He is. Every bit as Peter, or St. Pope Pius X. He is just not interested in being a pope bigger than the eccentric from Argentina with lots of friends and a few crackpot ideas.

      Have a wonderful time in Roma!

  2. This isn't really any worse than deigning to meet Obama (or anyone who supports infanticide), or shaking hands with anyone in Congress who marginalizes foreigners or doesn't support an honest day's wage. Maybe he felt the need to interact with people who commit that last of the sins that cry to heaven. At any rate, Francis is much craftier than he lets on, and that's a truly bizarre quality for a Pope.

    It's like he's undercover, while being in plain sight. I don't know what to think.

    1. Look into the Bear's eyes... look... think what the Bear tells you.

      Just kidding!

  3. His elevation to Pope was being worked out long before he was elected, and in conjunction with the plot for the removal of Benedict the16th.
    My hope, at the beginning, was that he was just a useful idiot for the revolution.....unfortunately, I think it's much, much worse than that......


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