Thursday, October 1, 2015

His Wife Bought Him a Funeral for Their Anniversary -- And He Loved It

The Bear knows of a couple who is celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. They each wanted a particular present from the other, so that is what they gave.

A lady in their parish had died without family or means to be buried. The husband desired that whatever his wife would have spent on a present for him, she instead give toward the lady's burial expenses.

For her part, the wife wanted one meal paid for at the homeless shelter.

They each made the requested donation in the other's name. (The shelter ended up getting two meals, since they weren't quite as costly as they had thought.) The shelter even printed them out a nice, color "anniversary card" in thanks, which the Bear saw himself.

This is an excellent gift idea for the spouse who has everything. What could be a better present than buffing up your spouse's soul? Their little sacrifice of something for themselves results in a corporal work of mercy to the benefit of others. And they both feel good, the Bear is sure. Feed the hungry, and bury the dead. What a Catholic thing to do!

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