Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hot Model Blasts Pope

Talent at Donald Trump's modeling agency has commented on Pope Francis' visit to the United States. Alexandra Tomlinson, best known as the face of De Beers diamonds, called Pope Francis a "false prophet," and that a hand gesture he made linked him to "a sect of satanists called 'The Illuminati.'"

Tomlinson, who is known to be a lady of the right, complained that the Pontiff did not open his speech to Congress with a prayer or condemn Planned Parenthood in his speech.
As I see the egregiously positive reaction to Pope Francis by the citizens of this country and this world, I’m left dumbfounded. He is completely transparent, how is he pulling the wool over so many soul’s eyes? And I use the word soul on purpose. For I believe more and more that this man is the False Prophet.
The comments appeared on her Facebook page. Her agency said her account had been hacked, but the model did not return calls from reporters, and the post remained displayed with no mention of a hacking on her page.

Is it possible Donald Trump is using the models of his agency as sock puppets to try out political messages? Trump and Pope Francis are not simpatico. Trump recently said he would scare the Pope over capitalism by saying, "ISIS wants to get you."

The views of other models on Pope Francis are not known to the Bear. He had plans for Googling them several times a day, but his mate started cleaning the tranq dart gun. While the Bear doesn't mind tranq darts, they do affect his schedule.

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