Thursday, October 22, 2015

Into the Heart of Darkness (Entire Article)

The foundation of foundations is the family, not the individual.

If one remembers just this, he will not go far wrong in sociology, psychology, economics or ecclesiology. No honest mistake by sound minds could have gotten this simple fact so colossaly wrong as some bishops. "Oh, dear," his Excellency might exclaim, "I always get gravity's direction wrong. Up, down, I mean who can keep all that straight?" That might be forgivable if a bishop were equipped only with whatever ambition and little claws necessary to obtain a purple outfit. But how does an entire assortment of bishops from all over the world not know the -- literally -- first thing about families, and then have the audacity to dictate its rules at a synod devoted to the family?

Of course, the Bear is having you on.

This is not a synod about "the family;" about husbands and wives, moms and babies and the like. No, scratch that, "and the like," and leave the rest in simple peace. A synod whose keynote speakers were ancient Aussies on walkers boasting about their 57-year-sex-life (some of it even within holy matrimony; nor to forget a shout-out to homosexuals), was never about the family. When Al Goldstein started his pornographic magazine in 1968, he had more integrity than the people behind this synod. He forthrightly called it "Screw."

Once again, the foundation of foundations is the family.

Since we live in an insane age, the Bear shall have to define "family" as papa bear, mama bear and baby bear. Furthermore baby bear belongs to papa bear and mama bear. Mama bear is the only bear papa bear has mated with and that was inside of marriage. Also, papa bear and mama bear are the same sex and species they were born as. (The Bear is certain he has overlooked some permutation with its own slogan and probably awareness month. Please be forgiving in these troubled times.)

A whole paragraph for what any first-grader with a few crayons and a blank sheet of paper would draw, with a house behind and a shining sun overhead. A foundation more solid than the roots of the tallest mountains rests under that picture, little more than a scribble. Well, little artists, we have some bad news for you. Your fond natural security is being shattered by bishops more interested in the sex habits of bonobos than you, tiny ones, in the image of Christ.

Let us visit the environs of the Vatican at night  to discover churchmen who, knowing the pathologies of the family through the confessional and agitators, somehow imagine they can redesign the fundamentals. It would be as if the laborer who fills the potholes on the road that goes over the bridge were to suddenly redesign the piers! Since our journey is lightless, you must trust to the greasiness between your fingers to know when you have arrived. Ambition and pride never fail to leave behind their characteristic, foul-smelling oil. And don't sniff, unless you want to have your nose stung by the acrid smoke of malice.

Part II


Ah, we have found our first cabal! Seeing the healthy family, these men would inject a deadly contagion. This party can only be called by its original city of infamy, that God could do no other than destroy with fire from heaven. Whether you actually indulge yourselves or not, your Excellencies -- and we cannot give a confident negative, so shall pass over the question in silence -- you play Lot's wife and look back. Is it a pseudoscientific mirage you see, the microcosm of global warming, or is it a turn of simple curiosity: a flirtation with the forbidden? It doesn't matter, for you are all dead. Dead pillars of salt, your Excellencies in this cabal, where neither natural nor supernatural life will grow. Certainly not any sound ideas about the family.

Earlier the Bear had said our bishops are like laborers who fill the potholes on the road that goes over the bridge, who suddenly take it upon themselves to redesign the piers. These pothole fillers have succumbed to homophilia, and are trying to convince us that more and deeper holes are what we need.


It should not surprise us that polygamy has come up at this synod. A major portion of the debate has apparently been devoted to that inferior Western knock-off of real polygamy, serial polygamy.

The rules of serial polygamy are simple. You can have as many wives as you want, just so you have only one at a time. For some strange reason, this makes perfect sense to our law, culture, and subversive elements within our Church. I'm sure African polygamy has its problems, but the Bear doubts Jobabi has four mommies is one of them.

We know that Jesus was dead set against serial polygamy, i.e. divorce and remarriage.

The Bear is not joking that if he had to choose between horribles, he'd probably go with Mormon sect Big Love style polygamy than a man emotionally brutalizing woman after woman, child after child. (The Bear is sure men are also victimized, but he's keeping some things left to your imagination in the interest of a reasonable length.)

Only a cruel and selfish society based on the individual could come up with serial polygamy, er, the Bear means divorce. The ex doesn't matter, kid's don't matter. Only the great and compass-less wanderer in the vast consumer wasteland, Self, matters. 

Oddly, we've heard a lot about what adults want, which apparently center on organs below the navel, but not much on what kids want. So the Bear will tell you. Kids want their imperfect families, barring some Monty Pythonesque life like this:
Well we had it tough. We used to have to get up out of the shoebox at twelve o'clock at night, and LICK the road clean with our tongues. We had half a handful of freezing cold gravel, worked twenty-four hours a day at the mill for fourpence every six years, and when we got home, our Dad would slice us in two with a bread knife.
They want mom and dad to deal with their insecurities, ditch the hot intern dad thinks they don't know about, and be brave in an imperfect and necessary situation. The Bear has seen kids in horrible straits. Most of them want to use those crayons and draw a picture of their family, with the house in the background and a shining sun overhead. Protecting that innocence should be the reason for this synod. (Avoiding evil seems to be the best we can hope for now, and would be a major victory.)

The Bear asks the Court to take judicial notice that divorce is wrong, and that the Church has always said so. Any action that changes that stand in the slightest way is (a) bad on every level imaginable; and (b) won't solve any problem -- except Germany's kirchensteuer.

The German Church Tax

It is dreary to have to explain this. German Catholics pay a "church tax." It amounts to 30 pieces of silver each year for each German signed up to pay the tax. The problem is, Germany is hemorrhaging pew sitters, and hundreds of thousands of Catholics are leaving the tax rolls each year. It is believed by some that if adulterers were able to take communion, they'd feel all warm and fuzzy and pay their tax.

Actually, the Bear doesn't know if it's 30 pieces of silver, although considering some of the sacrilegious proposals that have been floated, it seems appropriate. What the Bear does know is that it does amount to billions of dollars per year, though. So the Germans have a simple cash problem.

So behind all the talk of "mercy," is a very expensive Mercedes-Benz convertible with Cardinal Reinhard Marx of St. Corbinian's old see at the wheel, and Cardinal Karl Kasper in the passenger seat holding the roadmap upside down, with bags of loot filling the back seat, scattering euros in their wake. And Pope Francis has the gas pump in his hand, waving good luck.

Pope Benedict and Divorced and Remarried (i.e. adulterous) Catholics

Here is Pope Benedict's sensible approach. Too bad he wasn't invited as a speaker.
Yet do we not feel a slight uneasiness at times in the face of an entire congregation coming to communion? Paul urgently insisted that the Corinthians should “discern” the Lord’s body (1 Cor 11:29): Is this still happening? Occasionally one has the feeling that “communion” is regarded as part of the ritual—that it goes on automatically and is simply an expression of the community’s identity. We need to regain a much stronger awareness that the Eucharist does not lose all its meaning where people do not communicate. By going to Communion without “discernment”, we fail to reach the heights of what is taking place in Communion; we reduce the Lord’s gift to the level of everyday ordinariness and manipulation. The Eucharist is not a ritual meal; it is the shared prayer of the Church, in which the Lord prays together with us and gives us himself. Therefore it remains something great and precious, it remains a true gift, even when we cannot communicate. If we understood this better and hence had a more correct view of the Eucharist itself, many pastoral problems—the position of the divorced and remarried in the Church, for instance—would cease to be such a burden. 
B16 nails it. The whole manufactured controversy resolved. We don't need some new and special accommodation for divorced Catholics. We need to view the Eucharist in the right way. It's not your reward cookie for getting out of bed when you could have slept in.

It's not the end of the world that a Catholic who has knowingly and deliberately made the choice to leave one marriage and enter into another cannot receive Communion. Some things are worth making a stand for. Divorced and remarried Catholics made a choice. The mercy is that the Church can teach them a role. Granted, it may not be the role of lining up and receiving the Body and Blood of Our Lord, but it is not nothing.


Which brings us to the most important topic of the synod, catechesis.

Unfortunately, like the synod itself, the Bear finds himself out of time. This will have to be addressed another day. What a pity.


  1. Yes, this Synod is stinking. There is some cause to be a bit satisfied, but not much. One out of four of our Cardinals are heretics or spiritual weaklings. Not much to celebrate there. Since the election of this pope, the thing that has always stayed with me is that they know him. They knew what he would likely bring with him, so why. That is disturbing. It is hard to believe at this point of blatant political machinations in the Vatican, that Cardinals are "naïve". After this past two weeks, none of us may ever be naïve again. We can't "un-know" what we now know.
    This is a blatant political maneuver to gain political goals and nothing more. It has cast mud on our Catholic church and faith. No matter what the outcome, the behind the scenes manipulations and what this papacy is about can be seen by anyone paying attention. (There are many Catholics not paying attention at all.) If the innovator/heretics achieve their goal the outcome will be worse of course. I do not at all think they would be willing to do all this and not gain major ground on something important to them. There have been resoundingly wonderful responses from good Cardinals. I hope they start yelling and can be heard all the way to Germany and France.
    Ugly. Shameful. They insult Jesus Christ.

  2. Your definition of family explains why it is so crucially important to defend Dogma. Dogma seems remote in the age of sound bites, electronic word storms and Facebook friendships. But without a firm grasp on the foundation of Dogma rooted in Scripture and Tradition, we have un-moored ourselves into the Abyss of chaos apart from Truth. It is why our Church Fathers defended Dogma against violations as potential crimes of capital violence against souls.

    Many, today, will certainly NOT grant your assumption of Papa, Mama and Baby Bear. That divergence from core dogmatic truth leads to an un-bridgeable gap between world-views. That definition you gave is EVERYTHING in the current Synodal debate.

    I see satanic derived, marxist based "gender theory" behind so much of the moral chaos that is parasitically attacking the foundation of civilization, the family you described, as designed by God in Eden. It denies God first. Then it denies His handiwork, starting with the family, second. Finally, it elevates "Man" and his personal choices as sacred, third.

    What we see presented around us, does indeed have the smell of sulphur and is leading poor souls intended for Glory, happiness, Beatitude into insanity, isolation, eternal separation and damnation.

  3. The best I've read from you. Thanks for that. So appropriate to these times.

    God will give us strong Shepherds again. He will give us a Holy, epochal Pope again. Jesus and Mary love us and They will come to our aid. What a glorious day that will be!

  4. Ever-so-beautifully presented Bear. Thank you. Valiant laymen like you in the pews and at the keyboard are a gift to Holy Mother Church. Again, thank you. Now, can we cut the Knights of Columbus loose (what with some of their shameful members stumping for abortion and sodomy) and look toward the Knights of Corbinian start-up?

  5. Yep. If you are not in communion with the Body of Christ in the Roman Church, you do not take communion with the Body of Christ in the Roman Church.

    Mortal sin and deliberate dissent are not being in communion.

  6. We would never have a Synod enter into debate whether or not a Messias-Denier could again unto Salvation (he can't) because such a debate would upset the Messias-Deniers who may never be criticised or questioned.

    Now, with that one little mental exercise, all can see who/m it is our Prelature fears; not God, the Jews.

    So,, there is continuity in some things :)

  7. Nicely done, Bear. Very nicely done.


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