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Voris to Bloggers: DROP DEAD

Michael Voris is once again under the Bear's scrutiny, because once again he has done something noteworthy. Since the Bear is not a Professional Broadcaster, he will go with an easy-to-understand, lawyerly chronological outline at the risk of burying the lede.

Voris' Premise

Voris' premise is that the bad guys are playing a game of pointing fingers of blame at conservatives when conservatives criticize Pope Francis. This is a welcome clarification of his recent "Failed Papacy?" Vortex, which the Bear found impossible to understand. Voris' premise depends upon the idea that ordinary folks follow ecclesiastical politics and care. Voris gave three examples of how this has been tried.

First: "The Letter." The letter circulated by some prelates was spun into an attack on the Pope. Some of them who had supposedly signed it, denied signing it. Voris apparently supposes this had traction with the man on the street.

Second: "The Tumor." There was some speculation that the story released by an Italian newspaper was planted by evil conservatives to undermine Pope Francis' papacy, although there were never any names suggested to the Bear's knowledge. Again, Voris imagines that people follow this sort of "inside baseball."

Third: "The Pope's Enemies." Cardinal Wuerl speculates about the Pope's enemies. Once again, people are supposed to hear this, know who Cardinal Wuerl is, and agree with him. Thus we, the good guys, take heavy damage, according to Voris.

Liberals and Modernists use these tactics because they know they work, Voris says. In secular politics, criticize President Obama and liberals will call you a racist. Similarly, criticize the Pope and Modernists will say you, well, criticized the Pope. (A quibble: America has a built-in race factor bubbling under the surface that liberals can tap into in a way Cardinal Wuerl can't in ecclesiastical politics.)

Now the reason we should not attack the Pope is because it is a bad tactic. For this reason, according to Voris, we should attack the evil men around the Pope.

Voris' Solution: Ditch Blogs and Rely on the Professionals

This is where it gets interesting. It reminds the Bear of the scene in Ghostbusters where Venkman tells the guy at the library, "Back off, man. I'm a scientist." Except now it's "Back off, man. I'm a Professional Journalist."

First, you have to have a real theological education to detect "subtleties and nuances."

Second, you have to have professional, secular media experience.

Why, what do you know! We're in luck! Michael Voris has both of these qualifications. In case you have failed to connect the dots, Voris actually states Church Militant TV has these ingredients. And they're no fly-by-night blogs sensationalizing things for a few extra clicks.

And then he immediately asks for money: to buy a Premium Membership.

So do you get this? Don't bother with a bunch of amateurs who will hose it all up. Stick with professionals, like, why, me! It's like the famous 1975 Daily News headline, "FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD." Except this time it's "VORIS TO BLOGGERS: DROP DEAD."

The Bear's Reaction

The Bear can't help but observe that if you allow the other side to control the debate, you've already lost. When the Bear practiced trial defense, he would always pick the prosecution's most shocking piece of real evidence, maybe the murder weapon, to pick up and use before the jury. It showed everyone that the Bear was not afraid of anything the prosecution could present. It also desensitized them, thus eliminating the shock value.

The other side is going to do their thing, period. There are givens. You can't let that dictate your strategy.

So the Bear is not sure he even agrees with Voris' premise. This just sounds like the same old lyrics of "don't criticize the Pope," set to a different tune. The Bear is not convinced that most people are attuned to ecclesiastical politics as are we visitors, friends and woodland creatures, or Michael Voris' Premium Members.

But that's not even the main thing that moved the Bear to put paws to keyboard.


In case you missed it, unless you're Michael Voris, you bloggers should take your cheap quest for clicks somewhere far from Catholic news. You don't have a degree in theology? You don't have extensive secular broadcast experience? Then you don't have what it takes to be in the big boy's game. You'll miss the subtleties and won't know how to present the story. And you don't even have a rich backer to send you to Rome where you can look like a journalist, "live from Rome," even though you have said you don't act as one. (Which makes one wonder what the use of that formidable professional experience is, since Voris apologized for acting like a journalist in the "Harming the Pope" incident with Cardinal Burke on October 22 of last year.) 

There are problems with Catholic blogdom. Maybe one day -- with Mr. Voris' permission -- the Bear will even write a blog about them. But one of them is not their existence. The Bear could go on (maybe even Michael Voris pays attention to Bears) but it's not the Bear's job to tell you how you should feel.

The Bear always posts the videos for you to watch so you can make up your own mind. The Bear has never seen a more condescending, take-your-toys-and-get-off-the-playground, and by the way, give me some money, exhibition. We're here, Michael, because you're not infallible. No one is. You don't always get things right. Lately, as the Bear expressed in his last blog referencing you, your product seems to have issues.

But that's just one Bear's opinion.


  1. Funny. That's the same attitude of Catholic progressives, especially those with "credentials" toward Catholic bloggers. What next step you want to take I leave to you.

    Who cares what Voris thinks? He's just another layman, just another man in the pew.

    We are a literate, educated Catholic people, unlike in the past. We are smart enough to read things for ourselves.

    1. Based upon the evidence (demand for qualifications, immediate demand for money) I would say CMTV sees bloggers as a threat to their income. I still maintain thing have been squirrelly lately, and I'm not sure why, but Voris has to have a grueling pace for a guy who looks fit, but I assume is in his 50s.

    2. The problem with Voris is that he's a complete amateur no matter how many times he claims he's a great journalist. His Emmys were at a state chapter level, not the national level. But state level doesn't sound as good on a bio, does it?

      I could give other examples of less than stellar reporting, but here's one:

      He fell hook, line and sinker for Sungenis and Delano (twice) for their rubbish on geocentrism and it being de fide Church teaching, not to mention Sungenis' claim that it was him leading the charge on getting the USCCB to correct a catechism problem. Voris gave a silly, softball junior high level interview to them without any basic fact checking in spite of prior warning by knowledgeable sources. And Niles was as bad in her interview on her internet channel.

      Listen to part of the recent piece: "The Church is entering a period in Her sacred life where approaches to these stories are going to require a lot of reflection, study and strategy." Voris doesn't have it. He's been behind the curve all along. This is the guy that graduated from Notre Dame and was shocked--SHOCKED! that it would invite Obama for a commencement speech. Where the hell was he that he'd be surprised as late as 2009?!

      Vast theological training?! The guy has an STB--a bachelor's degree which he advertises as "post graduate work" in his bio. "Michael received his Sacred Theology Baccalaureate (an ecclesiastical post-graduate degree)" Since when is a Bachelor's post-graduate? Academia hands out bachelor's AND MA's in theology like candy to anyone willing to just show up. It's ridiculous to put that behind his name as if it meant anything. And only magna cum laude? Didn't master the material well enough for summa? So who on staff has any credentials worth noting? Do they provide a list of staff and credentials? No. That would be honest and forthcoming.

      "Nor will we allow ourselves to be consumed in the moment of heated headlines or superior-sounding sensationalism for the benefit of a few extra clicks on a given day."
      What the hell?! That's the entire format of the Vortex. Emotional ranting to generate outrage and views. And what was the hit piece on Benedict other than "heated and superior-sounding", not to mention utterly negligent in failing to attribute the larger responsibility to JPII who, of course, brought Ratzinger into the Curia in the first place. And isn't he about 2 years late on the condemnation against Benedict for resigning? Just *now* coming to that conclusion? Better, more experienced sources say quite the contrary on Ratzinger's influence on JPII as a "close adviser" that rather he was out of the inner circle. Apparently, he doesn’t even understand the role of the Congregation of Bishops in advising the pope on new candidates. Is he too cowardly to go after JPII who appointed bishops for 27 years, leaving about only 6 leftovers from Paul VI world-wide that JPII hadn’t promoted? After all, JPII isn’t pope anymore, either.

      What's needed out in catholic land is calm, clinical analysis that "comforts the afflicted...", not getting people angry and riled--quite frankly that just places people in a near occasion of sin and disturbs their peace unnecessarily over things they can’t control. One of his points in decrying criticism of Francis was that catholics don't need to know every misstep of the pope; yet he does it with bishops across an international audience as if every catholic needed to know each problem in every diocese. Does he ever stop to think how difficult he makes it for catholics in various dioceses to maintain the all-important communion with their bishop after he eviscerates their bishop?

    3. (continued)
      Voris is completely clueless no matter how well intentioned he is. His whole marketing approach is attacking other catholic ources as if Church Militant was THE only reliable catholic source. "You have to have the understanding, the savvy,....You have to have professional secular media experience to know how to position a story, how to approach it and so forth." Really? He's so strategically inept that he's falling for the classic satanic trick of divide and conquer by attacking for one reason or another every other catholic out there that cares about the Church. When he went up against Shea of all people at the AOTM club in the Twin Cities he accepted the *negative* side on the debate topic: “Resolved: The way to address the crisis in the Church is through prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and the corporal and spiritual works of mercy”. Talk about a strategic blunder against a foe! And he talks having the savvy to know how to position and approach a topic?

      Just after he went after the SSPX about lack of jurisdiction, he put out a piece about how lay press was needed to be "independent" to keep the hierarchy in line. What is that but acting with utter lack of jurisdiction himself—a fellow persona non gratis with his own bishop who is hardly one of the worst. Since when can the laity EVER be independent? Of course, I can't find that piece anymore since CMTV has a habit of getting embarrassed by their own work and yanking it off the internet.

      He's a loose cannon surrounded by a lack of good judgment. Maybe he should focus on cleaning up his own staff before going after then Ratzinger for supposed bad advice to JPII. Perhaps if he’d spend some time learning from those that have been around a lot longer, understand the players much better, and stayed faithfully in the Church while he was out philandering, he wouldn’t embarrass himself so much. But, hey, “have microphone—will mouth off”. “I’m a professional; don’t try this at home.”

      I'm absolutely sick and tired of this crap out of him.

    4. Bear is correct it's all about audience size and money. Since Voris has banned me for life I stopped contributing to CMTV making it possible to contribute more to blogs like this one where folks are not banned by the Bear for disagreeing with him. Long live the Bear!!

    5. Yeah the Justin Bieber do belies his age a bit.

      Seattle kim

    6. And those contributions are so welcome Michael! The Bear is on a small disability allowance from the military. He puts a lot of time in on SCB, which, like most blogs, is a one man band. (Which reminds the Bear of an act he used to do in Vienna.) It doesn't even have to be larger donations, such as a couple of very good friends of the blog make -- despite sometimes disagreeing! Just click below the fish and leave a dollar or three in the Bear's tin cup. Sorry, the Bear doesn't reserve some content. It's all premium content and it's all free! The store renovation is coming along, too. Soon you'll be able to buy a wide variety of nice items in three different designs. And the Bear selects the lowest mark-up for his readers.

  2. Ugh a reporter. Double ugh a prideful reporter. The Bear should be glad to not seem as such.

    1. Funny, when I did a trial, the "journalists" sat on the other side of the bar trying to figure out what was going on. One might say only lawyers should write about the Church . They are advocates, skilled at persuasion. They have keen minds, and are raised up in an adversary system. They have a hunger for winning. They must be good writers. They are excellent at putting together solutions to complex mysteries. Therefore, unless you have a JD and extensive trial practice you should not be blogging.

      And I don't think Michael Voris has those qualities ;-)

  3. I stopped watching the Vortex a few months ago and have let my premium subscription lapse. Too much negative and I do not need any more of that. He is coming to a place near me soon and I have gone to hear Michael in the past but not this time.

  4. Uh, Bear, I'll be forced to burst your bubble: I am not a professional journalist, I know rather little about the inner workings of the Vatican, and I have no law degree or anything of the sort.
    ...And I STILL understand the Vortex episodes just fine!

    Voris sounded a rather shrill call against some of the men that Benedict had, well, promoted. Whether Benedict intended a group of men to dissent like this or not, whether he knew the views of these men well or not, he still promoted them. That's a legitimate critique. ...And one that doesn't tell me much; he provided a reminder of facts we already knew. Nothing more.

    As far as his comments about blogs go, I understood him very differently. Yes, he gave us his usual commercial for ChurchMilitant. I expect that. He is running a business, after all. I noticed though that he specifically mentioned the internet and Catholic use of it. That didn't seem to me exclusive to his business. Perhaps he did it obliquely, but he still encouraged others to have a say, not merely the mainstream media.

    1. Voris has some nerve ... bleating piously that he would NEVER attack the Pope, but attacking Benedict, who last time I checked was the Pope. Or is it only sitting Popes that have the magic shield? Instead of calling out Francis on what he's doing HERE and NOW, he decides to blame Benedict -- a man who was beset and betrayed by his own Curia, his own secretary. A man who was so persecuted that in his inaugural homily he asked for prayers not to flee from the wolves. A man who had a group of bishops gunning to eliminate him, who had the banks holding him hostage. But oh no, Voris has made too big a deal out of primly refraining from criticizing Francis, so he has to vent his spleen and try to keep his "conservative" bonafides by attacking Benedict.

      I have not watched much of him since his pious pronouncement regarding Francis's untouchability. Now, he can forget about any kind of support from me.

    2. One of the weird things was when he said, in so many words, "Ha! You are thinking, 'But, Michael, you said we can't criticize the Pope!' Ah, but Pope Emeritus Benedict isn't the Pope anymore, BWA-HA-HA!"

  5. Perhaps when Mr. Voris next passes through the woodlands near my overpass, he will condescend to pat my callow little troll head, feed me a cookie and shoo me back under my bridge so that I may rest in the sure knowledge that his crack team of experts will protect me from my naivete. On the other hand, maybe I'd just eat him.

    The Troll

    1. I'm glad we still have a resident troll. Maybe I ought to let some troll bait through, Zoar's defenses to provide nourishment and entertainment.

  6. Special Operations Imperative #1: Understand the Operational Environment. Michael's asymmetric strategy to go after the Useful Cardinals surrounding Francis makes good sense.

    1. Your "Tier 1" babble makes no to elaborate?

    2. Correction: Not Tier I, but bone fide / vanilla Joint SO doctrine ( a goodly portion of which I wrote in a previous life).
      Thanks for the opportunity to deliver a mild tutorial on SO/PSYOP, concepts fully adaptable to the current struggle to defend our Church.
      SO Imperative #7: Anticipate & control Psychological effects. Attacking the Pope is a fools errand. You run the risk of alienating your current best friends, see Cdl. Burke et al, as they will be left with no choice but to refute / condemn you. Fail in your attack, and you are left with zero ground to stand on, no fallback and no allies. It is a small step from criticizing Francis' conduct as Pope to raising the question of papal infallibility, thereby playing into the hands of the Useful Bishops and Cardinals. SO Imperative #5 Consider long term effects.
      BTW, Michael has been at this for some years now. Why are you just now jumping in to conduct a frontal attack?

    3. I guess when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Even Cardinal Burke has spoken about resisting the Pope (you better find a new G2).
      As for Voris, he started out OK but has since gone off the rails....his defenses of Francis haven't squared with reality for some time.

  7. It is irrational to blame the present crisis on Pope Benedict XVI as opposed to the man who is actually causing it.

    How did Pope Benedict know that Jorge Bergoglio would be elected pope? Does he have a crystal ball or something? It could have just as easily been Cardinal Burke, and then we would not be in this predicament.

    Further, Pope Francis doesn't have to do the things he does; he can just act like other popes and try to confirm "the brethren." Instead, he's causing chaos.

    I believe the crisis is going to deepen, and CMTV is going to panic because they will not be able to avoid the obvious conclusions that others have reached, and they don't want to do that.

  8. Voris is right we are playing their game. Voris does not realize the game is not secular, or informational: it is spiritual. Our weapons are prayers particularly the Holy Rosary. I wonder what Voris will say when Pope Francis proclaims heresy in his own document. I will remain faithful and continue to pray for the Church.


  9. Ha, ha, Ha ha, Ha ha! That's my only reaction to Voris diatribe (aside from the waves of nausea -- literally -- that I experience if I listen to him -- which I never do anymore and only listened to half of this one to get the drift) .

    His message is that the whole Catholic world needs his media outlet -- they're the only ones who know anything -- Johnny-come-lately to the Catholic battle that HE is -- we've been fighting this battle for 40 years! -- where was he? How did we manage until HE showed up?

    In fact, I think these last two videos strike a note of desperation. He must be losing a LOT of subscribers.

    As far as his argument in this video -- it's a bunch of nonsense. His strategy does not apply to when a Pope attacks the Faith.

    Essentially, he's saying we should let Pope Francis scandalize the entire world, lead souls astray, condemn those who hold the Faith, and say nothing.....!!!

    What do we care about how the liberals spin our objections to the monstrous deeds of Francis? They SHOULD know that Conservatives object -- someone needs to.

    Voris...go home...

  10. I'm actually thinking of becoming a premium member but not because of the Vortex but in spite of it. In looking at his other content I think it will be beneficial to our family to have access to this. Michael is way off on some things but look, honestly, he does more for Holy Mother Church in one month than I have done in many years. Let us not turn and devour our own just because we find out that Michael has a fallen nature like me.

    1. The Bear used to be. There are so many products the Bear always just became confused. But undeniably there it's a wealth of good stuff. The Vortex is their free "red meat" program, and the Bear does not say it isn't a good program, even though quality seems to be uneven, especially lately. But it is undeniably scandalous. Fortunately, the Premium Programming is much more didactic. There are worse things you could do with 15 dollars a month. (That's $10 to Michael Voris and $5 to poor old Bear.)

  11. The problem with the incident where he apologized was not that he acted like a journalist. The problem was that he reported on the buzzfeed headline and interpretation of the interview as it if were a fact. He took them as fact before the interview was even published. And when it was it was clear that things were not as Buzzfeed and Michael had reported them. And that was grave given the person given the interview and what he had been purported to have said.

    1. But Voris made a big deal about how he had gotten so excited he had acted as a journalist, not in his apostolate. This was the one where he said he had not received communion. The Bear wrote, but didn't publish, a piece about whether Michael Voris is a journalist. By his own admission, the answer is "no." Yet he so loves to project that image, with live reports, his press badge displayed, etc. So people are tricked into believing they're watching a newscast, when they're actually watching propaganda. Now, it might be good, useful propaganda (like the Bear's "Agitprop" in the right column) but in Voris' case it is another example of questionable operations.

      People probably think the Bear hates Michael Voris. Not at all. He is important, and the Bear comments good or bad on items of interest related to him.

  12. Since he didn't correct when his illogical position came to a head with the Synod, he is fast becoming irrelevant.

  13. Voris is a "professional journalist" who can't see the woods from the trees. He has been so spectacularly wrong on Pope Francis that it has to be a source of embarrassment for him.

  14. This made me think of all the years republicans were told they cannot criticize liberal democrats for fear of turning off the independents and running away. They've found out how simply untrue that is!

  15. I understand Michael Voris differently. He's saying that the Liberal Left are playing a game and he's emploring people not to play that game, and justifying why he's taking the positions he is, even though he's fully aware of the issues in the Papacy and is aware that everyone else is as well. It's a condemnation on independent bloggers, but a plea to independent bloggers to be cautious about not falling into the traps of the Liberal Left.

    It's a reasonable position, but it's one I disagree with. Anyone with even a shred of knowledge of politics knows that it's possible not manufacture FUD (Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt) about "the other guys" out of nothing. Even if you're silent and keep your head down, Richie Rich will betray you to King Henry VIII, and an LGBT activist sue baker out of existence merely for serving the LGBT in every way except baking a wedding cake.

    There is no safe place or position. So if you're going to be sacrificed to the lord of this word, might as well be for something great rather than something pitiful.

    1. God points, but what causes me to tend to disagree in part is this new insistence that you're not qualified to comment unless you have theological training and extensive secular news experience. Obviously, few bloggers have that. I thought the remark about bloggers sensationalizing stories to get a few more clicks was unpleasant. Maybe he was talking about the Bear, and/or Pewsitter LOL

    2. The assertion that these Catholic sites sensationalize to get clicks is a projection on his part (apparently that's the way he thinks) and amounts to character assassination.

      1) the Traditionalist perspective is NOT politically correct and - if anything - risks making those bloggers even more marginalized than if their coverage were "go along with the party line" content.

      2) I know a good number of these bloggers personally and can readily attest to their sincere zeal and angst about what is happening in the Church.

      They are so alarmed and concerned that they feel it is urgent to address what is happening and try to remove the scandal it is causing.

      Reading their blogs is like an infusion of clarity and spiritual vitamins; it fortifies and enlightens.

      Would that their "clicks" skyrocket so MORE people would hear the truth!

  16. I think CM and Michael Voris are very good at what they do. He is very adept at getting to the heart of things, for both people and situations. But his refusal to acknowledge Pope Francis as the source of the problem here, makes no sense at all.
    I was blocked for pointing out Pope Francis is the problem and it starts with him. If I agreed to stop saying that, I would be unblocked. Unfortunately, I can't do that, because I think it is a disservice to continue to point to other Cardinals as the problem when ignoring the man who is in the power seat. If the orchestra plays badly, should we not consider the conductor?
    Until recently, I felt the information we were getting from CM was solid. Consider, there are few reliable sources for what on God's green earth is going on in our church. So they provide a much needed, if heartbreaking, look at reality, the reality many of us have wondered about for decades now.
    But now we know, and there is a limit on how much more we need to know. If CM is going to stay relevant, and I am sure they want to, this odd policy is going to have to change, or they will be blocking so many people they may not be able to take that next trip to Rome. (And by the way, they had a fund raiser for that trip. It was not just one donor, as far as can be told.)

  17. Oh, sorry, one other point. The fact that our words and actions are always going to be criticized and used against us by the other side is a given. When we are as effective using their words and actions against them as they are against us, we may make headway. We aren't by a longshot.

  18. Yeah, naughty Catholic bloggers who offer everything for no profit! Leave everything to the toupee!

    This is why my friends and I only rarely make forays into Vatican politics. It's much more uplifting to write about the Church Fathers, theology, hagiographies, liturgy, or history.

  19. Also,

    1) my understanding from later verification is that the Cardinals who denied signing that letter did so because they HADN'T signed the letter. There was some initial confusion about the signatories which was later cleared up.

    2) satan loves the cover of secrecy. The fact and contents of that letter being released to the public was so explosive that it blew their cover.

    In fact, it may have had (I believe it did) an enormous impact on correcting the course of the Synod and its outcome in favor of the Church's teaching.

    3) when it comes to a Pope clearly backing and facilitating heterodoxy in scandalous ways, EVERYONE should hear outcries from the faithful EVERYWHERE!!! Not just from "seasoned journalists". What kind of nonsense is that. We are talking about the Faith and the soundness of its teaching, for goodness sake, not some secular strategy.

    You better believe that all of this criticism is putting sand in the wheels of the revolution within the Church AND giving moral support to the faithful Bishops and Cardinals.

    Voris' opinion is absolutely mistaken. I don't even want to think of how harmful to the faithful it would be if there was a blackout on healthy dissent from Pope Francis' obvious heterodoxy and the scandal to the faithful it is causing and if all we had was Voris so-called (twisted) coverage (horrors!)

    Voris is going to be VERY embarrassed when SSPX in validated and vindicated as well. The first time he attacked them a couple of years ago all the alarm signals went off and I stopped taking him seriously. He's obviously clueless and clearly obtuse.

  20. It's official. Voris has lost his cotton picking mind.

  21. "(A quibble: America has a built-in race factor bubbling under the surface that liberals can tap into in a way Cardinal Wuerl can't in ecclesiastical politics.)"

    A follow-up quibble: the so-called built-in race factor is not nearly as great as many people believe, and it does not help to perpetuate this myth and left wing talking point even a little bit by the bear. Very sad and disappointing.

    1. I'm not sure what is meant by a "race factor" but I would suggest we didn't have much of one before the current resident of our White House went in, but now we do. There are too many poking that wound and tearing the scab off repeatedly, for their own benefit. (eww, ugly visual, but necessary)

    2. You are correct, Kathleen. Alas, the problem with the bear's quibble is the tired and overstated "built-in race factor" claim which suggests a la liberal commentators that America is inherently racist to some extent, and this racism is primarily white racism against blacks.

      Perhaps the bear will clarify his quibble or confirm my suspicion regarding same that he buys into the "inherent" or "built-in" racism of whites toward blacks.

    3. It is a cultural and political fact whether it is true or not. I assure you enough blacks believe it and it is enough of a press template to matter in a way ultramontanism does not. Does the Bear seem like someone who believes this country is riddlled with racism? That is why comparing racism and ultramontanism is a mistake for a professional journalist to make. There is not a template about the latter, nobody cares and we are not going to lose points like we would if someone could credibly tag us with the racist label.

  22. Voris never tells Catholic bloggers to "drop dead." He simply states that CMTV is able to do what it does because they have experience on the subject. To state that he is saying that no other Catholic bloggers or commentators can opine about what is happening in the Church, is to wrench what he says out of context.


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