Monday, November 9, 2015

A Little Blog News and Michael Voris

Out of the five all-time top posts, three were last month:

Obviously, a blog about Michael Voris with a Latin title would be ridiculously successful. Or call it something catchy, like "The Mass of Whirling Fluid," which conjures up interesting imagery. (Oh, by the way, the Bear is feeling much better from his gastrointestinal illness.)

The Bear doesn't dislike Michael Voris. The Bear just really can't stand his posing as a journalist. A journalist is as a journalist does. If you take out a big marker and cross off the most important newsmaker on your beat beforehand, you can call yourselves a lot of things, but not a journalist.

Woodward: "I talked to that guy. It's dynamite against Nixon."
Bernstein: "Wait, did you say, 'Nixon,' as in 'President Nixon?'"
Woodward: "Yeah."
Bernstein: "No way. Congress, sure, but we made a pact, remember? 'Don't touch the president.'"
Woodward: "Oh yeah. I'll just throw away the number of this 'Deep Throat" guy."
Bernstein: "That is praiseworthy, friend."

The Bear gets Voris' reasons, but it damages his credibility, especially when he touts his journalistic credentials. If he's not going to cover the whole news, then he should put away his press pass and produce shows about the popes or whatever in his premium membership. He's trying to have it both ways.

There. That should be worth a couple of hundred extra page views.

Blog Milestone

Attention woodland creatures! The Bear has surpassed one-third of a million page views. [Sound of one kazooo slowly dying.] The fire set by angry woodland creatures after the Bear's Great Leap Forward was not as devastating as first feared. He still misses the woodland creatures who left, though. Ironically, the content is not that much different. The Bear is just being a little more careful and (hopefully) edifying.

What's a page view? You tell the Bear. He's pretty sure it doesn't mean a certain number of people who read an entire article over coffee, smiling in approval, or shaking their fist at their computer screens. It could just as easily mean 250 people muttering, "What kind of garbage is this? Where are the Bears?" before clicking on their next site.

As always, he enjoys your exceptionally intelligent comments, and, according to that two-part article you probably didn't read, you will feel better for putting in your two cents. The only rule we have is this: nothing that suggests the Church is not the Church and/or Francis is not the Pope. This is a blog expressly supporting plain 'ol Roman Catholicism. So nothing to directly encourage leaving or getting ready to leave the plain ol' Roman Catholic Church. You all know what the Bear's talking about. On that, the Bear and Michael Voris are in perfect agreement.

"Bear Patch," "Banner," and "Nail Your Foot..."  Line of Circus Souvenirs

Cafe Press has a "known bug" that is temporarily preventing the Bear from finishing his store. All of the "Banner" line is available, which features a simplified image of the blog's title. It's the Bear's favorite, and looks great on just about anything. The original "Nail Your Foot to the Floor In Front of Your Favorite Pew and Die" is also complete.

Most of the "Bear Patch" line (which features the Bear with the Pack of Pope Benedict XVI's coat of arms) line is ready. Its retro look reminds the Bear of his Cub Scout days. Just make sure it has the Bear Patch image. on whatever you order.

In other words, what you see is what you get.

If you haven't checked it out, you'll be surprised at the range of cool items available. The Bear gets a mere tenth of proceeds, since he has set his price at the lowest selectable point. He'd rather have a little fun with his readers than a little more revenue. You won't be disappointed.

The banner advertising Advent specials takes you to Catholic Supply, which is a large brick and mortar store in St. Louis.

And, of course, a surprising number (and some surprising people!) donate. The Bear truly appreciates that (and he's working on the PayPal recurring payment glitch problem, grrrr.) The donations not only provide welcome material assistance, but the Bear takes them as encouragement to keep blogging.

Articles That are Too Long

And, yeah, the "Blogged to Death" article in two parts was probably just too long. The Bear wanted to give his readers a nice, fat pony to chew on, though. It takes a lot more time, effort and talent to write short articles than long ones.


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