Sunday, November 29, 2015


Last night, Advent began with a turn of the pages of Christian Prayer, the version of the Liturgy of the Hours we use. We're now back to the beginning of the book, and a new liturgical year begins. It's Advent! Christ is coming! The warrior babe is born of the Virgin mother! The King is returning for the reconquista of planet Earth! It's time to get ready to welcome Him. The Church gives us four candles on our Advent wreaths to prepare.

Today we will take ours to Mass to be blessed. The Bear is delighted with our Advent wreath. We light the proper candle each evening for vespers. He's like a little kid about it.

Our Church gives us so many reminders of her seasons, and invites us to participate.

May they help us to forget the temporary squabbles of mortal prelates, and to focus on the eternal realities that the Church celebrates, that unite us all who are privileged to bear the name Catholic.


  1. Amen...and a blessed , reflective ,and joyful Advent to you.

  2. Happy Advent to you and yours Bear! I love your blog. I really do.

    1. Thank you for telling me that. And Happy Advent!


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