Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bear Apple Pie... mmmm

Unfortunately, the Bear can only show you, and there wouldn't be enough to go around, anyway.

It feels like the Bear has been working around the clock the last couple of days. He feels like he's earned at least a cheap fish, maybe some mackerel.


  1. If you want a mackerel, then you really won't be needing the pie..

  2. Almost as good as salmon ice cream, but your author is a humble bear, and salmon is hard to come by in the lakes of Zoar. The Bear has learned to catch bass and crappie. He doesn't like catfish, though.

  3. Thanks to the donor who supplied several fat salmon!

  4. Here' s few fish Bear. Glad you are BACK with your FULL BEAR on. Excellent work. Inspired in many ways.

    1. Thanks for all the fish! And the Bear is happy you are enjoying his blog.


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