Wednesday, November 25, 2015

For Those Who Are Sick of Our Church

This morning during lauds, "Red Death," the Bear's former driver, bodyguard and factotum, a.k.a. "The Shepherdess," the Bear's mate, said this during the intercessions:

"And bring healing and comfort to those who are sick of our parish."

The Bear burst out laughing. Of course, she meant it in the sense of "the sick who are of our parish." On the other hand, maybe it isn't a bad prayer for all of us.

On another topic, the Bear has further considered the Bishop of Rome's bizarre Florence "soft flesh" of doctrine speech. The Bear feels sorry for the Holy Father. The Bear wonders if we are witnessing an impaired man thrust into the limelight. What is sad about this is that he is clearly out of his depth. Worse, his delusions, obsessions and apparent pettiness are made a public spectacle in the classic "The Emperor has no clothes" fashion.

The man can barely speak a coherent paragraph, although he's good enough for a classic three-point homily on morals. His more ambitious addresses are filled with oddities that make you think "who the heck talks like this?"

Was he put forward at the conclave by a sinister cabal who knew Jorge Bergoglio would be a pliable tool? Or was "Team Bergoglio" laughing up their sleeves as they watched someone who is sadly impaired let loose upon the Church, hoping that it could only advance their agenda?

There are foxes in the Church, torches tied to their tails, and themselves tied tail to tail, as old Samson did to burn the crops of the Philistines. And there is the Bishop of Rome ("oh, no, I'm much too humble to be called the Pope, please note that down.")  Liberal by constitution, Modernist by choice, and probably impaired due to no fault of his own, clapping his hands like Nero in childlike delight as the pretty flames burn up everything.

In the end the Christians, rather, the "fundamentalists" will be blamed.

Bring healing and comfort to those who are sick of our Church.

And may the Church survive Mad Pope Francis. Better to think him mad than the other alternatives.

It will. We don't know what form the restoration will take. We don't know when it will happen. Maybe everything will be burned down by the foxes, until there is nothing left worth fighting over. Except the truth, which Team Bergoglio could care less about. Jettisoning doctrine from the Barque of Peter and dialogue for the sake of dialogue. (Whenever the Bear hears the word "dialogue" he reaches for his revolver.)

There are two things the Bear knows.

Nail your foot to the floor in front of your favorite pew and die there.

But don't forget to shine your little Catholic heart out! (Maybe you can outshine the flames.)

Make your own personal fortress out of prayers so the foxes can never reach your heart, and the troublesome men may never discourage you for long. Their clocks are all running. And so is yours, for that matter. Either way, we won't have to put up with them for long. That's the thought you should be fixed on, and be ready.


  1. Mad Pope Francis ... that fits in more than one way, doesn't it?

    I've thought for a while that he was nutty ... the thought kept half-formulating in my mind, but I kept pushing it away. I think the first time I allowed myself to think that he was nuts was when he made that comment about making a mess. My uncle was a priest in Mexico, and I cannot ever imagine his ever using that phrase outside of immediate family. Not that it's profane, no; but it's kind of coarse. Put it into Google translate if you don't believe me, then look under the "translate to" box, and note the alternate translations. While the expression isn't really seen as an equivalent to those translations, it is considered a bit common. *And he said it during Mass.* During Mass!

  2. Oh, that headline fits me! Please pray for me! Our parish masses are awful. Just last week made my blood boil. The people are very kind. But mass is excessively offensive a few times a year. (sometimes it's actually good.) Easter mass opens w/Spanish hymn. We're not in Mexico, are we? Who do you think sung besides the choir? Big fat zero. Christmas masses w/children choir awful too. I do not receive Our Lord on those days b/c I am filled w/anger. I also hope I am making some reparation for those who take the Lord in sacrilege.

  3. There are some people who inadvertently say the most wonderful things, giving entertainment and joy to others. You might be blessed to have one as Shepherdess!
    I can't think long about this pontificate, but when I do think of it it is always in terms of, I can't wait until it's over, but between now and then how much damage. But when God wants him out, he'll be out.

  4. Thanks Bear on Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Re: Sick of the church. Everyday I thank God for all the good things that happen to me and also for all the bad. The public practice of being a Catholic now-a-days is one of the latter. The awful music, bad sermons, total failure to inspire, no reminders of Catholic morality, disrespect at Mass, and on and on. The whole thing is positively penitential. I don't think this is what Jesus had in mind. Let us pray that it changes and while we are waiting to have the grace to develop our virtues.

  5. Sobering thoughts, indeed. The foxes are coming.

  6. Some one is going to have to nail my foot and tie me down each Sunday.


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