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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fox Traps

A fox got into our chickens last night. At first we thought we had lost three, but found two of the missing birds hiding in different places. The Friendliest Chicken in the World is believed to be among the survivors. It is not known what part Hermes, our rooster, took in the incident. Other family members have accused him of dereliction of duty, but the Bear is inclined to cut him some slack against a fox. Besides, if the hens had been in their henhouse, where they belonged, they would have been safe. They were in the enclosure, but foolishly decided to perch on the roof.

We've known there's been a fox because we've seen the sly devil up close. Unfortunately Zoar is a no-fire zone due to foolish neighbors building within range of Zoar's defensive gunnery.

"Humane" Fox traps are on order.

This is war as only a Bear can make war.


  1. Bear,

    I've had very good results with the Havahart traps. I've used them for smaller woodland creatures and then "relocated" them far enough down the road so that they can't find their way back to my place. Just to be safe, I wear a pair of welding gloves when I release the critters. Good luck and I hope you can successfully trap the fox. They are beautiful creatures, although the Zoar chickens probably would disagree with me.

    1. That's what we got, although the rubberized leg traps. I was not involved in the purchase. I speculate the others were expensive. Since we live in a national forest, we ought to be able relocate it easily.

  2. Foxes & snakes, the bane of hen houses everywhere. Goes to show us that when we are provided a safe place, we should stay there, even if we want to wander. Still nailing my foot. (I know you were merely reporting a domestic situation and sad you lost one, and hope the others will settle soon after this trauma)

  3. Replies
    1. Unless you catch him after December 8th. :-)

    2. The year of mercy starts December 8th

    3. Mercy to the foxes while the hens are decimated -- an apt picture of the Church today.

  4. Bear said: "Besides, if the hens had been in their henhouse, where they belonged, they would have been safe. They were in the enclosure, but foolishly decided to perch on the roof."

    The Bear's going to be accused of blaming the victims here. Hens are female. The Feministas are going to be out to get you!

    Good luck getting the fox. I have seen foxes, but we mostly have coyotes in our neck of the woods. We are somewhat suburban near farms. One was right on our sidewalk 15 feet from me and our little doggie at 10 pm recently! Coyote just sped off.

    1. My hens may be stupid but they're smarter than those harridans.

    2. Yes and so is a door knob.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I must admit, it is very hard to be mad a the beautiful fox you posted. Just tell the hens to stay inside their enclosure and everything will be OK.

    God bless!


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