Sunday, November 15, 2015


The Unknown Reader

Every once in awhile the Bear will go to blog command center and see that someone is reading old posts. Blogs are sadly ephemeral. You work hard and produce what you think is a good article, and in a day or two it's old news. In three it is forgotten forever. The Bear's not complaining. That's just the way it is. That's why it is so delightful to find someone has resurrected a piece from the past. Thank you.

Facebook French Flag

The Bear has changed his Facebook picture with a tricolor overlay. He cannot speak to the motives of others. The Bear's seem weak. It's something. Maybe it will keep the memory alive a bit longer. Maybe it raises the Bear's information-action ratio slightly, and makes him feel less helpless.

The Bear urges everyone to talk about this. And not in the "Three Amigos Great Abrahamic Religions" BS we get from the effeminati in our Church, God love it. Tell it like it is. The Bear is not Muslim friendly because people can't help being affected by a religion of Satanic origin. You can hold hands and sing Kumbaya all you want and Muhammad will still be a false prophet in a cruel religion utterly alien to every other faith on the planet.

The Bear has traveled the world, and Islam is a cultural cyclone-cum-earthquake. Where it seems to be prospering, it is only on account of oil plus western know-how and imported labor to do anything useful. And pill boxes around the state residence of Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli because he's a Sunni and the majority Shiites can't stand Sunnis or some crap. Where Muslims are free to be as Muslim as they want, you get ISIS, where their equivalent to a day at the ballpark is watching human beings get butchered. Afghanistan is a poor Muslim country, and the pinnacle of sanitation there is voiding their bowels in the middle of what passes for main street.

As the denizens of Zoar would say, "That ain't right." No one prospers, or approaches civilization under Islam. Our leaders need to realize ISIS isn't the problem, Iran isn't the problem, and the most evil optometrist in the world, Bashar Assad isn't the problem. Islam is the problem. Follow the logic wherever it leads.

Recurring Donations

The Bear believes he has resolved the issue where recurrent donations would be skipped. And may all the Bear's kind donors be rewarded. Two separate buttons, pretty self explanatory. In addition to the much-needed material assistance, you can't imagine how it feels to find a donation and think, "wow, someone thinks what the Bear is doing here is worth something!" Honestly, even a small donation buys a whole, fresh fish. It helps keep SCB going not because there's staff to pay, but it keeps the Bear's morale up. (The Bear's amanuensis and agent works for free.)

The Bear would like to thank his commenters, too. Does the Bear sometimes growl? Maybe. But that's what you come to see the Bears for, isn't it?


  1. I love the Bear! I check in regularly because you have pointed and interesting things to say, and I value your opinion. (and you're humor) I also like the bear drawings very much. :)
    Your commentary here is spot on. What is most worrisome right now is bringing these invaders here in what was recently called "a slow-motion invasion". madness.

  2. The Bear is right again. Islam is not a legitimate religion; it is a satanic political movement allowed by God to scourge and purge humanity for not following God's will.

    And let's throw the Bear a fish. He surely deserves it.

    1. Michael, you're going to have to be officially designated a Patron and get a premium or something.

  3. I have Muslim neighbors. They have been cordial. Some are almost friends. I'm pretty sure they'd slit my throat if I were to speak against their prophet. And I am comfortable with that. Knowing the truth is better than spouting sentimental drivel.

    1. I agree, liberalism and modernism are more of an enemy. I'd rather be near someone willing to die for something than someone who thinks that everything is equally right. It's the lukewarm that gets spat out.

  4. >Does the Bear sometimes growl? Maybe. But that's what you come to see the Bear's for, isn't it?

    Nope. Not me.
    I'm continuing to stop by because I'm interested in seeing what will become of your having begun to ask questions of the role of blogging and your blog in particular. e.g. A Bear's Confession and Blogged to Death.

    You are asking the right questions; you've shown you know what's at stake. What remains to be seen is how you ultimately answer them in practical terms.

    Will you provide your readers with "what they want", or a take the ultimate risk and provide them with "what they need" in these troubling times? Will you give in to the temptation and vanity of clicks and pageviews, or transform the blog into a forum that is sorely missing in the Catholic blogosphere?

    Will you take the risk that Jesus takes in Jn 6 where He insists that the disciples must eat His flesh and drink His blood, only to watch many turn away?

  5. I think I might be the Unknown Reader ... I'm at work right now, sneaking in a peek during my lunch break, but I really like your blog and decided over the weekend to go as far back as there are posts and start reading. :)

    1. You certainly are AN unknown reader, anyway, so thank you very much. Its nice to know that yesterday's labors are not lost

  6. "The Bear urges everyone to talk about this. And not in the "Three Amigos Great Abrahamic Religions" BS we get from the effeminati in our Church, God love it. Tell it like it is."

    Well, Ursus, you asked for it.

    "Saint" JPII "The Great" (Fraud) generated a lot of Catholicism's generally tepid, appeasement-oriented approach toward Islam:


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