Monday, November 2, 2015

Original Artwork Answer

In response to a question, the original artwork is all done by the Bear's woman child, who is an art major. She'll be almost as delighted you asked as the Bear is to brag!

Pedantic Bear

Suspicious Bear

Alarmed Bear

Distressed Bear

Angry Bear

Laughing Bear

All Photoshop graphics such as the banner or agitprop, is put together by the Bear.


  1. Oh I love those! They do perfectly capture the emotions, don't they. I think they are wonderful and very engaging.

  2. Excellent Bear emoticons. Congrats to your clever daughter. Maybe you could show the emoticon that reflected your mood each day. Or would that be too personal? My impression Bear is that you are rather jolly these days or at least today. Thanks for the uplift!!

    1. Bears are mercurial. The Bear would probably have to update several times a day. We'll just let the articles reflect the mood at the time of writing.


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