Saturday, November 14, 2015

Surprise Story of Year: Moslems Kill a Bunch of People

To read the Vatican statements, one would never know who perpetrated these latest atrocities.

"This is an attack on peace for all humanity, and it requires a decisive supportive response on the part of all of us, as we counter the spread of homicidal hatred by the West's ancient enemy, Islam," said Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi.

Sorry, the Bear made a series of typos. Scratch "by the West's ancient enemy, Islam," and substitute after hatred, this: "in all its forms." After all, we can't focus on just one hate group here. France is a seething cauldron of monarchists, French nationalists and snooty waiters. It's just unfair to single out Moslems every time Moslems kill people in the name of Islam.

And for the record, it is not "an attack on peace for all humanity." It is an attack on the French, and, more broadly the Christian West. Obviously, it is not an attack on the Moslems who did it, or cheer it or remain silent, or start in with turning the tables and making themselves the victims of "backlash."

Ironically, the world's most evil optometrist, Syria's President Bashar Assad, had no qualms about speaking frankly of the the killers, and even had the bad taste to add an "I told you so." He pointed out that three years ago he warned the Wests's policy of supporting terrorists in his country was a bad idea.

Syria is starting to look like a replay of the Crimean War, which was fought just before the U.S. Civil War. The Bear cannot recall the exact quote, but England and France went to war against Russia, it was said, to protect the Turk's right to mistreat Christians. Russia indeed had intervened to protect Orthodox Christians -- a recurring historical role that Russians take very seriously -- and the Western Powers fought on the other side. If it is remembered at all, it is for the disastrous "charge of the light brigade," and Florence Nightingale.

We know Pope Francis is a huge fan of mass importation of Moslems into Europe. In February, he singled out the poster child for open immigration's failure, Sweden, as a shining example of tolerance in the matter of Islamic rape gangs or something. 

On the issue of immigration (i.e. invasion in slow motion) one detects the same giddy disconnect with reality one finds in global warming or any leftist fad. (As a leftist, Pope Francis' imagination is often captured by impractical Big Ideas, and he is blind to their cyclonic effects.) The Bear doesn't pretend to know the particulars of Europeans' policy to sweep in as many ungovernable Moslems who hate them as possible. Cheap labor? Deliberately extinguishing Europe's cultural identity? Importing a ready-made dependent class for political purposes? All he knows is that the broom should be sweeping in the other direction.

The Bear is relying on his go-to answer for most problems: low birth rates. A birth rate of 2.1 is required merely to maintain a population level. France was just under two on January 1, 2014. We call that "dying." To put it bluntly, a country has to have a population to work and support retirees. The Pope might consider extolling the virtues of traditional large Catholic families, rather than importing Muslim "workers." Yes, Holy Father, there's nothing wrong with Europe that some good old fashioned "rabbits" wouldn't fix.

From the Book of Ecclesiasticus: "Who will pity an enchanter struck by a serpent, or any that come near wild beasts?" (12:13)

Remember when we were all Charlie Hebdo? Well, we can all be French, now, but somehow the Bear doubts that will do any good, either.

The Pope is right about one thing. He has said similar violence and destruction is part of a "third world war;" the Bear would add, "apparently against a mysterious and unnameable enemy." We are still waiting for our Churchills and Pattons. We are still wondering if our age is even able to raise them up. We can't even manage a Florence Nightingale.


  1. If Catholics don't wake up after this they are un-wakeable.

  2. The enemy is willing to strap a bomb to himself and take out a cafe.

    We are unwilling to use words that might be considered impolie.

    Now, who are you going to put your money on?

    1. From a secular perspective, they have the advantage, by a huge margin.

      Catholics still have the Holy Spirit, however. And to quote Dr. Ed Peters, "Seems to me, Christ would not have promised us the special protection of the Holy Spirit unless He was pretty sure we were gonna need that special protection, from time to time." (From Fr. Z's blog,

    2. Always my argument. When you have one side of anything that wants victory this intensely, put your money on them. We have been utterly weakened and prepared for takeover by self-loathing elites and political correctness. A perfect storm.

  3. Great moments in bad timing:

    “Perhaps we can apply Guardini's reflections to our own time, seeking to uncover the hand of God in current events”, observed the Holy Father. “In this way we will perhaps be able to recognise that God, in His wisdom, sent us, in rich Europe, the hungry to be fed, the thirsty to slake their thirst, the stranger to be welcomed and the naked to be clothed. History then shows this: if we are a population, we will certainly welcome these as our brothers; if we are merely a group of individuals, we will be tempted only to save our own skins, but we will have no continuity”.

    Not only does the Holy Father create yet another one of his famous false dichotomies, not only does he completely invert the positions of the warring parties (in fact, the individualists are the ones favoring open immigration in order to destroy the historic population of Europe), but he inverts Guardini as well. Immediately before this passage, he quotes Guardini as follows:

    “The individual feels a part of the fabric of the population, that is, in an original union of men that by type, country and historical evolution in life and destinies are a single entity”. The author of “The Meaning of the Church” considered the concept of “population” as the “compendium of what in man is genuine, profound and substantial. We are able to recognise in the population, as in a mirror, “field of the force of divine action”.

    But the unrestricted immigration of military-age Mahommedans is a calculated blow directly at the heart of the fabric of the population, [that] original union of men that by type, country and historical evolution in life and destinies are a single entity. Nothing could be more deadly to Guardini's vision, and yet the pope manages to get it completely backwards.

  4. This post will live forever if only for one phrase--"the world's most evil optometrist."

  5. Excellent Bear. Just one correction: "and we are still waiting for our Churchills and Pattons," and Pope Pius V's.

    Pope Francis is more an invitation than a threat to Islam.

    1. Yes, is the time for some real, Catholic leadership to show up. Maybe next time.

  6. The forces directing our Church and our Nation make no sense to me, unless I run them through a different prism than that with which I was raised and which is deep within my bones.

    The old prism of Western Civilization born of the Judeo-Christian heritage in partnership with Holy Mother Church, expressed by Nation States whose legitimacy depended upon Her blessings and drawing sustenance from Her wisdom and Spirit does not explain what we see today. Trying to make sense of events through this prism leaves me frustrated and confused.

    But if you change the prism, the assumptions at the foundation of those powerful unseen forces driving these events, (prophesied by the way) it makes eminent sense and future actions becomes predictable.

    We are witnessing the end of Christendom and her system of christianized nation-states. This is the birth of one-world-government with anti-christ at its head emptied of the Christian Faith and its morality. It is atheistic in its assumptions and in its morality.

    Passing strange to me that it appears Russia is the only nation now defending Christians in the mid-east and the civilizational system birthed from our Christian religion. The leaders I grew up depending on and our allies act opposite of the truth every.single.time. That's how I see it though.

    1. Russia's actions are equally compatible wth a Cold War defense of the only friendly port in the Med (such as it is) and long-time ally Syria, AND defending Christians, especially Orthodox Christians, which was seen as Russia's divine duty, except when Communism was the driving doctrine.

      Russia looks like it knows what it's doing, at least, and, at least among Christians, gets credit for doing what we wish or own government would do. It is senseless to ask whether Russia's interest in Christians is genuine, or a show in support of purely secular state interests. Historically, Russia has not separated state and religion, even going so far as to see itself as the Third Rome. I tend to think Putin would like to see Russia as the Great Orthodox Power again. That's why I see this more like the Crimean War than the Cold War.

      The West has flat-out failed by any measure, and seems cursed by madness that can only lead to destruction.

    2. Sure. The Russian path makes perfect sense for them, and thankfully our Christian brethren. Common sense, wherever we see it is refreshing.

      Then there's the U.S. And Western Civ that can't define the problem, (muslims are different; they are violent and have always been violent and they hate our way of life including democracy) AND we propose the opposite of what we need as a solution, (more muslims ... lots, lots more)

  7. We are still waiting for our Churchills and Pattons ... and the Coming Great Catholic [and French?] Monarch.

  8. Yours is the first response I've read that is straightforward in truth, and one that I didn't have to spew out because of lukewarmgobblygook. Thank you Bear.


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