Thursday, November 26, 2015

The greatest Star Trek scene ever filmed as a Thanksgiving treat from the Bear. And it has a lesson. Clearly, we need the Vatican's prefix code!


  1. Nobody has, for sheer acting chops, come close to William Shatner's indelible creation of the Captain Kirk persona. (Anyone who responds to that with "thank goodness!" or some such, is just one of those soreheads who resent greatness :-) I think Avery Brooks attempted to approximate the Kirk thing with his interesting speech cadences as Benjamin Sisko, and he was good, but...nah.

    My mother was in love with Kirk/Shatner from the get-go. She might have been the first Trekkie.

  2. From hell's heart, Francis & Co stabs at the Church.

    Seattle Kim,
    Long time Star Trek fan,
    I even own Vulcan ears.


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