Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Taste of Armageddon

"Not tonight, Captain, my number's up."

In the Star Trek Episode "A Taste of Armageddon," people are chosen by lottery to become casualties in an endless computer-generated war. The leadership of both sides have their reasons to believe it is better to have citizens simply report for execution than face a real war.

As police still search for a motive in the San Bernardino shooting, and the thing our attorney general fears most is anti-Muslim backlash, the Bear is reminded of that episode.

Watch MSNBC reporters conclude we'll never learn the motive in this video worthy of Luis Bunuel. (Investigators say the female Muslim posted on Facebook pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi. But run-of-the-mill workplace violence or a drug deal gone bad can't be ruled out.)

Our leadership, indeed the leadership of the West, knows its citizens will suffer random casualties in growing numbers. Those in the wrong place at the wrong time are going to be killed by Muslims who have not appeared different beforehand from non-killing Muslims. We are led to believe that any ordinary Muslim can become "radicalized" through no fault of his own by reading a flyer stuck under his windshield wiper at the mosque.

However, it has been decided by the powers that be that the benefits of denying the dangers of Islam outweigh the random loss of life. These benefits are primarily psychological and political to our leadership, plus, ostensibly, economic in Europe.

Anyone who disagrees with the leadership is subjected to the powerful shaming apparatus built into our culture over the last several decades. The Bear has no doubt that eventually civil or criminal sanctions will be added. Facts do not matter. Resistance is futile. It is impossible to elect the kind of leadership it would take to resolve this problem. You are on your own. For those able to do so, it is your patriotic duty to carry a concealed weapon. We must all be alert and suspicious.

Is your number up today, citizen?


  1. That is also like that allegory short story, "The Lottery."

    We are to just sit and wait for our turn to die, I guess. But don't offend Muslims. And, hey, it could be post-partum depression. I really think Erin Burnett is on to something....Right?

    This "shaming" is a new liberal word.

  2. The disconnect between the brutal, lethal violence inflicted on us by muslims; and the disconsolate, insane, inverted ongoing response by our Bishops and political leaders is so vast it cannot be explained by any normal paradigm.

    I have not figured out what drives these people, (our Shepherds and political leaders), but it must be far removed from any normal equation we've used in the past. There is something exceedingly strange in the response of these people to this mortal threat in our midst. We may not ever figure out why, but until they buckle down they have zero credibility in my book.

    This is very personal to me, my family, the Church and Nation I love.

    1. I have suggested a hatred of Christianity, and the leftist pathological need to be seen as tolerant and compassionate, which is stronger than the will to live. They may also see Muslims as agents of change in a Western civilization created and ruled by white men that they despise and cannot wait to see ended. At any rate, diluting Christian values, votes and culture can only be a good thing, right? They haven't thought through to the end, when they learn first hand what Muslims are when they are free to be as Muslim as they want to be.

    2. I agree that fundamentally this goes to a hatred of Christianity.

      Governments and civilizations come and go, but the battle between Lucifer and Jesus Christ our Lord goes on. We of the militant living give visible, physical character to this spiritual battle. The spiritual battle is ultimately the only meaningful thing.

      Western civilization and the Christian values it codified into our way of life are precious. Why would anyone encourage the destruction of these obviously good things in trade for slavery, evil and violence? It only makes sense if you see it NOT as an issue of intelligence but as an issue of a spiritual struggle manifested physically by leaders and their people.

  3. I've been thinking about that episode too. We're all supposed to politely go to the disintegration chamber because actually fighting is messy. Just live your life and be happy...until your number comes up. Nuts to that.

  4. Our Lady of Reality, pray for us.

  5. I am heartily sick of reading and hearing references to "radical Islam", whenever that term is boldly used instead of the correct "jihadi". It seems a redundancy in light of the violence lying at the heart of Islam itself.

  6. I agree we should be armed, but we should not be surprised if we, not the jihadis, are the ones who will be prosecuted if we are called upon to use them. The reason they don't fight the jihadis is because they hate us and want to subjugate us, too.

    1. Unless DOJ should find some excuse to get involved, the decision to prosecute would be made by a local official, who would likely determine you acted in self-defense. If nothing else, he would know the jury would make him a laughingstock and his reelection chances would be nil.


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