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ADL: Church Can't Exist Without Jews -- UPDATED

[The Bear is featuring this, because, frankly, he thinks it deserves more traffic than it's getting. The USCCB's 2002 "Reflections on Covenant and Mission" was very similar, but they corrected it after release to preserve the supreme role and dignity  of Jesus Christ. Thirteen years later we get "Gifts and Calling" that insults the Divine Personhood of Our Lord by turning Him into some sort of mechanistic salvation process for strangers. So that's how quickly the Church is changing.]

The Bear reports some mischief by the Anti-Defamation League over the new "Gifts and Calling" document, or, as it is known in the woodlands, "New Jew View." (Rhyme is another arrow in the Bear's blogging quiver.) The Jews had the audacity to accurately report what the Church declared. Contemplate the implications of these latest novelties.
The notion that the Catholic Church considers its relationship with the Jewish people to be unique and essential to its own existence and self-understanding is a powerful testimony that a torturous history can be overcome when both our common humanity and differences are seen as sources of blessing.
Indeed, the Church's relationship with the Jews is unique.

Yes, Jews are essential to the Church's existence.

And Jews are essential to the Church's self-understanding.

Please keep your comments focussed on the Church. This is something the Church wanted as a celebration of Vatican II, on the 50th anniversary of Nostrae Aetate. The Church wanted that press conference just as much as the Jews did, if not more, considering what it was willing to barter for it.

The Bear is sad. The Church is starting to feel like an estate auction.

ADDED: The Bear ran across a similar document from 2002, an interfaith declaration released by the USCCB under the sponsorship of Cardinal William Keeler. It was called "Reflections on Covenant and Mission." However, the USCCB took the unusual move of issuing a correction.
This acknowledgment needs to be accompanied, however, by a clear affirmation of the Church's belief that Jesus Christ in Himself fulfills God's revelation begun with Abraham and that proclaiming this good news to all the world is at the heart of her mission. 
The difference between the 2002 USCCB document, "Reflections on Covenant and Mission," and the new Vatican document, "Gifts and Calling," is that the latter was issued without the 2002 correction. In just thirteen years, without a council, without an encyclical, the worms that stay busy in the Vatican structure have managed to make a statement the USCCB rejected in 2002.

All so they could have a news conference to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nostrae Aetate. The Bear wonders how impressed God was by the show.

If you're interested in reading further on this important topic, there are recent stories that treat it more completely a little further down.


  1. There are always wonders to behold during Advent. Try a revisit to what Pope Saint John Paul II said about our elder brethren:

    In his address during his historic visit to the Great Synagogue of Rome April 13, 1986, Pope Saint John Paul II said:

    …the Church of Christ discovers her ‘bond’ with Judaism by ‘searching into her own mystery.’ The Jewish religion is not ‘extrinsic’ to us, but in a certain way is ‘intrinsic’ to our own religion. With Judaism, therefore, we have a relationship which we do not have with any other religion. You are our dearly beloved brothers and, in a certain way, it could be said that you are our elder brothers.

    With the destruction of the Temple and the Priesthood and the cessation of the animal sacrifices, old testament judaism passed over into history; that is, it no longer exists.

    What does exist is a Messias-denying people addressed by our Pope Saint but their legacy goes back only to 70 A.D. when Rabbinical Judaism was created to seek our destruction.

    So, our elder brethren are younger than we are.

    For those mentally playing along with these ideas at home, this is when they should stop and begin to drink; heavily (yes, even though this might be read on Ember Days).

    1. Didn't I ask politely to keep the discussion focussed on the Church? Pharisees were active in Jesus' day as we all know, and they survived to carry on with a drastically different kind of Judaism suited to their new circumstances. It was not a new construct to "seek our destruction." Jews and Gentiles together made up the early Churches, both Christians. We know that from Paul's letters, if nothing else. St. Paul reminds Christians not to boast because Jewish branches were broken off and Gentiles were grafted in. What do you think the plant was that St. Paul was talking about? It's silly to deny the historic link between the Jewish and Christian peoples. Now, for the Church to go further and impose a completely new understanding of that relationship is another matter entirely. And that's what we should be talking about.

    2. Dear Bear. ABS confesses he could have drafted that polemic less offensively.

      It is prolly recondite knowledge within the Traditional movement that Johanna ben Zakki (JzK) had his own self smuggled out of Jerusalem after it was surrounded by the troops of Titus and it was JzK who started a new religion - Rabbinical Judaism completely divorced from what came before - Temple, Priesthood, Sacrifices - and that new religion, the Talmud and the endless commentary about it, exists today but the Talmud is not an organic development of what OT Israel was (The Catholic Churc is) what ABS was trying, inelegantly, to get at.

      But, the point still stands for Johanna ben Zaikai and his Talmudic acolytes can not possibly be our elders in either time or continuity and Pope Saint John Paul II was directly addressing Talmudists of the Synagogue of Satan and not Jews who have accepted Jesus as the Messias and Saviour; those who did that are our elder brethren but Pope Saint John Paul II was not addressing them, nor could be conceivably have been doing that for even back in the day, the New Testament records that the Jews who did accept Jesus were expelled from the Synagogue and that continuity remains unchanged.

      And ABS wil now drop the argument after noting he was not denying all connection/development twist Old Testament Judaism (just read, for example, Fr.Meagher's, "How Christ said the First Mass.") but he most certainly is denying the Talmudic Messias-Denioers are in any way possible capable of being described as our elder brothers.

    3. What you said about the Church legitimately carrying on the OT tradition is true. I am just not familiar with your history, but it seems to me more persuasive that Jews built upon the existing Pharisaical tradition than that a sole individual invented a new religion out of whole cloth. Ultimately, this discussion loses sight of the offense the Church's document commits against the dignity of Christ's Personhood and universal saving mission, plus the total confusion it creates in ecclesiology. It's a disaster, and I don't think it's sufficiently on the radar as such, for whatever reason,

  2. My guess would be that God was not at all impressed.

  3. Popes since the time of Pius XII have in public used irrational, non traditional and heretical Cushingism as a theology - 2

    1. Poor Bear couldn't follow the argument. All he knows is that under Lumen Gentium the only person explicitly damned is a Catholic who leaves the Church. Are you saying that since we cannot know if a person fulfilled the requirements of one of the "exceptions" (for want of a better word) to ordinary sacramental reception into the Church, those exceptions remain hypothetical? Sorry, just didn't understand at all, and Bear doesn't know what Cushingism is.

  4. Only a few Catholics batted an eye when Montini (aka "pope" Paul VI) omitted the Good Friday prayers for the conversion of the Jews. An even smaller number of Novus Ordites are concerned about these changes.

    Seattle kim

    1. Well, it hurt their feelings. Let the Bear revise that. All concerned pretended that it hurt their feelings to make sure the Church got rid of them. It's hard to say who was really behind that, other than the Church, who has an institutional pathological need for approval of men in our era. Ultimately it is the Adversary, That's why the Bear is largely unimpressed by the idea that the Jews are doing this and the Jews are doing that. It's the Church that is causing all the problems, and doesn't need any help from anybody. Also, Bear does care.

  5. Why does the "Church" need to dialogue or have a relationship with Jews or members of any other religion if she is what she claims to be?

    Seattle kim

    1. Bear gets that Jesus Christ came to us in the flesh from the Jews, and considered His mission to the Jews His priority, viz. the encounter with the Syrophoenecian woman. The Church's early history was bound up with Jews who joined with Gentiles as Christians. We hope for the conversion of the Jews (which is totally up to God now, apparently). Beyond that, you're right. We don't need to dialogue, except to boldly proclaim the Church's unique role in defining, preserving and proclaiming the truth. Dialogue always ends in bartering Catholic truths away for a press conference. That is why the Bear always says when he hears the word "dialogue" he reaches for his revolver.

  6. Vatican II documents are disturbing because of the ease at which they can be misinterpreted, this is disturbing because it seems like it was written by non Catholics...the shift seems so fundamental.

    Generally, I've thought that Pope Saint JPII's statement that Auschwitz was a modern day Golgotha implied that it was the blood sacrifice of Modernism, which would initiate a new stage of that type of Satanism, but to see the mark of that cult at the center of a document issued by the Vatican is unbelievable.

    I have to be misinterpreting something.


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