Sunday, December 13, 2015

Archbishop Cupich Told the Bear to Eat That Pony

The Bear ate a pony this morning. It belonged to the kid down the road. The Bear had an idea it was wrong, but has been listening to one of his favorite ministers of mercy, Archbishop Blase Cupich. In the interior forum of the Bear's conscience, his appetites were easily able to persuade his conscience that eating the pony was okay. So he did it.

It was delicious.

The Bear is going to take this "interior forum" thing and run with it. At a speed of 20 MPH. With pony blood all over his face. (This is the dark side of the Bear.)

Archbishop Cupich says if active homosexuals can find a sympathetic spiritual director, then it is up to the internal forum of their conscience as to whether they should receive communion, and no one can say boo about it.

The Bear is a predator, after all; it's his nature. God made him with an appetite for ponies. That's what his Inner Bear is saying in the all-holy interior forum of his conscience. He can trust it because there's no way self-interest could ever enter into it. Bears also eat people. Just sayin'. So he can eat the pony, or whatever, and still receive communion.

Archbishop Cupich has emerged as the chief spokesman for Teutonic Catholicism-Lite in America, and is filling the shoes of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin admirably. You cannot trust him to promote Catholic doctrine. Anything he says is suspect.

Unfortunately, he will likely be a wolf in sheep's clothing for a long time. Bloggers need to swarm him every time he departs from orthodoxy. That seems to be every time his lips move.


  1. Hand picked by Bergoglio. No doubt Cupich says what Bergoglio would like to say freely, but the constraints of his job won't allow him to do so.

    1. The Bear realized another downside with this pontificate. Everybody knows they can get their freak on and they have nothing to worry about from Rome.


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