Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Christmas Miracle (Agitprop)


  1. The Knights of Columbus have aped the evangelical proddies and have started to sell "Keep Christ in Christmas" bumper stickers in the local Palm Beach County Franchises of Dead Diocese Inc, America and they registered puzzlement when ABS suggest to them that they ought consider selling, "Keep Christ and the Mass in Christmas" but AmCatholics won't initiate, only imitate.

    O, and they were flummoxed when ABS suggestion they consider creating a bumper sticker that ABS currently has on his car:

    "Don't rush the Holy Day season
    Advent exists for a specific reason."

    In a few days, that sticker comes off and the Christmas one goes on for if a Trad does not do it his own self it does not get done.

    O, btw, these magnetised bumper stickers are affordable (google for various companies) and endlessly reusable season after Holy season

  2. Hah! Good point. I never thought of that before. Perfect.

  3. Good one, Bear. May I offer an idea/topic for consideration by one such as you who are possessed of considerable wit?

    I would enjoy reading a list of the top 10 most ungracious replies made upon receiving a Christmas gift, i.e.

    "You shouldn't have!"

    "You've made me feel so guilty. I haven't a thing for you!" etc.

    Just a thought.


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