Thursday, December 10, 2015

Brother Rachid Educates Obama on ISIL

"Brother Rachid" is an ex-Muslim who converted to Christianity. In the ten-minute-long video, he refutes President Obama's assertion that "ISIL is not Islamic." The Bear found it interesting, and, if you have the ten minutes to watch it, he thinks you'll enjoy it.

There is an aspect of Islam that the Bear has not seen discussed. But could Islam not have been introduced by Satan to a warlike people as a direct, terrestrial challenge to Christianity? Didn't Muslims proceed to conquer much of the old Roman empire -- Christendom -- only to be turned back at decisive battles like Tours, on the outskirts of Paris? Didn't Islam continue their assault on the West as late as the 16th and 17th centuries? Doesn't Islam carry on its war against the Christian West by the means available to it even to this day?

Isn't the Muslim god a proud, arbitrary and solitary being that revels in hatred and bloodshed? That hates Christianity? Isn't that a good description of Satan?

We "fundamentalists" believe all that stuff about Satan, do we not? In an ancient war that rages all around us, and even within our own hearts? The Bear finds it difficult not to associate Islam with the Adversary. Frankly, it seems beyond dispute.

The Bear does not expect non-Christians to understand or agree. He does not expect most Catholics to agree. Muslims are practically Catholic, after all, since Vatican II. We all worship the  same God, according to Pope Francis (although he did not originate that canard). Islam is the religion of peace, as everyone knows. (Hitler's "big lie" for our time.)

At any rate, the Bear is satisfied. It is not a happy thought about a healthy world. But the world hasn't been healthy ever since Adam and Even were banished from the garden. It's a battlefield. Only a fool does not recognize that, or know his enemies.


  1. Br. Rachid betrays a touching innocence regarding the seriousness of our gallant War Leader when he repeatedly posits "If President Obama is serious about combatting terrorism..." Of course we know that Obama is nothing of the sort; he refuses to name it let alone combat it. The defeat of terrorism will be merely a welcome side effect of defeating the real foe: Man-made climate change.

  2. Very good. Brother Rachid is a very courageous guy. Perhaps Obama takes the tact he does on Islam is because he is a closet Muslim. Lying is also one of the tactics of Islam used to conceal it's purposes and further it's cause.

  3. I'm more skeptical than you, Ronald Blake. I do not believe he is interested at all in defeating terrorism of the Islamic kind. In fact, I believe he would openly switch sides, if he had to. He made it clear in his book dedicated to his muslim dad who abandoned him. He's got an axe to grind against the wealthy white people who stuck around and raised him. He called his white grandmother "typical" of other white "racists", and for no cause. He is easy peasy to figure out now.
    We can all heave a sigh of relief if we make it to the next election and no one from his party is in the oval office. Long way between now and then. God help us.

    Bear, I have also long made that connection as well. It stands to reason Arabs would want their "own" religion. They weren't going to Jews or Christians. Too bad this is what surfaced. I believe it is diabolical as well. One only has to look at the fruits, really, to see the origin.

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