Friday, December 25, 2015

ESAG: Vatican Hoax Claim Lie, Legal Actions Reserved

Sorry, the Bear's always wanted to do that.

ESAG Strikes Back

The Bear has received a reply to an inquiry to the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology. They strongly dispute the Vatican's "hoax" claim about the so-called "G-Spot Conference." It looks like the suspicions of Oakes Spalding from Mahound's Paradise (see comments) later followed up on by the Bear, were correct.

ESAG's strong reply from Dr. Alexandros Bader, follows [sic]:
Dear Mr. [Bear], we had a clear agreement with the Vatican to rent their premises in order to organize the Congress. Recently and in unfair way they regret and escalate the issue just to slip away from their responsibilities. We have evidence and documents to prove this and soon we will come out with an official press release as well as we still keep our rights for all legal actions against all involved parties who defame our Society and me personally.The Congress still will take place on the same dates in a different venue which will be announced soon.  
The Bear has engaged in subsequent communications with Dr. Bader, and expects to report more news soon.

Meanwhile Vatican Press Director, Federico Lombardi has denied any connection between the Vatican and ESAG or the use of the Patristic Institute conference facilities by ESAG.

Brief History of the Reportage

To remind readers, Maureen Mullarkey had written about the original "ESAG 1st World Conference"  -- inevitably sensationalized to the "Vatican G-Spot Conference" -- which was also reported in the Daily Mail and elsewhere, including Mahound's Paradise. Ms. Mullarkey later received a letter from the Patristic Institute denying the venue and -- apparently -- suggesting the whole thing was a hoax. This led to a public apology from Ms. Mullarkey.

Perhaps our friend was too trusting.

In the Bear's immediately preceding article, the Bear outlined how the evidence did not add up to a hoax, but, rather, the Vatican deciding to back out after being laughed at. It would follow that the Patristic Institute personnel (which is under curial supervision) were less than truthful in their communication with Ms. Mullarkey. Worse, it was content to damage the reputations of bloggers who reported this -- including the highly respected Ms. Mullarkey -- by letting on that they had been gulled, and had reported untrustworthy information.

The Bear supposes that if the Vatican pulled the plug on ESAG, it could, sort of, deny any connection with ESAG. But that would involve a material omission wouldn't it, if there had been an agreement that the Institute reneged on? It could hardly be said to be completely truthful. Certainly not the level of honesty we expect from the Vatican.

Americans learned long ago that the coverup  is always worse than the original problem.

An Invitation for the Vatican to Clarify the Matter

As for ESAG, the Bear doubts it was the butt of any jokes, but, rather, it was the Patristic Institute, and, by extension, the Vatican, for hosting a major "aesthetic gynecology" conference that was viewed as incongruous with the Patristic Institute venue. The Bear is obviously not qualified to comment on medical practices, or the value of Dr. Bader's work. As for the G-Spot discussion that became emblematic of the flap, there was only one presentation scheduled, "G-Spot: Fact or Fiction?"

The whole thing was a tempest in a tea cup until now. Now, however, the Vatican seems to have departed from the truth at the expense of Dr. Bader and ESAG. Bloggers who covered this story were casually thrown under the bus by being falsely accused of reporting a hoax. The Bear respectfully requests that the Vatican clarify the record on discussions between ESAG and the Patristic Institute for use of their conference facilities, why the Institute reneged on their deal with ESAG, and then why they subsequently denied having had any agreement with ESAG, inducing Maureen Mullarkey to issue an unnecessary apology.

This suggests serious dishonesty and a deliberate attack on the credibility of Catholic bloggers by someone at the Patristic Institute, if not higher.


  1. Echoes of Synod 2014 and Cardinal Kasper claiming Edward Pentin's report of his remarks on Africans was a lie. Only a recording exposed his duplicity. Reporters, bloggers and such small deer are expendable to the important people at the Vatican.

    1. Good point. The Bear has shared his information with Mr. Pentin, for whatever interest he may have in it.

  2. With apologies to Peter Clemenza:

    So what did the Turk have to say? "Badda-beep, badda-bap, badda-boop, badda-beep."

  3. I think Maureen got it right the first time. Nothing that goes on in the Vatican nowadays is beyond reasonable doubt.

    1. Dr. Bader claims it has the smoking gun and will release it to select news outlets, including the Bear. If that happens, Fr. Lombardi will have been caught in a lie, and the whole ESAG conference will have been confirmed. What really gets me is the way Maureen Mullarkey was thrown under the bus (as well as every other blogger who covered it.


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