Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Francis, Trump Tied for Most Admired

"We're Still Having Fun, and You're Still the One."

Rolling Stone reports that a new Gallup poll reveals that, contrary to all rational explanation, President Barack Hussein Obama is the "Most Admired Man In the World." This reminds the Bear of when the young Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize while still in high school for "perfect attendance."

This must be kept in mind when we examine the two men who tied for a distant second: Pope Francis and Donald Trump.

Part of it may be simple exposure. President Obama pops into people's heads when they get the phone call from Gallup. Donald Trump and Pope Francis are also celebrities with a lot of exposure right now.

Yet another part is that humans are habitual liars, ever since Cain denied knowing Abel's whereabouts. University of Massachusetts psychologist Robert Feldman says that we lie to create a version of ourselves we approve of.
'We're trying not so much to impress other people but to maintain a view of ourselves that is consistent with the way they would like us to be,' Feldman said. We want to be agreeable, to make the social situation smoother or easier, and to avoid insulting others through disagreement or discord.
Obama is a historic figure as the first black president of the United States. Perhaps many identifying him as their most admired man feel it makes them look enlightened, and avoids violating any of the primitive taboos that constitute modern morality. Even so, there are doubtless many people who genuinely admire him for reasons beyond the Bear's ken. 

Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman, so go figure. (Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey got 4% of the vote for women.)

Pope Francis and Donald Trump only got 5% of the vote each. (But the Dalai Lama only got 1% -- yeah! In your face, Dalai Lama!) Socialist democratic presidential candidate (declared socialist, that is) Bernie Sanders got 3%. The real point is, we're talking about the also-rans here. Lame duck Obama mopped the floor with them, getting more than three times the votes of either Pope Francis or Trump, at 17%.

Another, more worrisome, way of looking at it is that progressives are vastly more admired than any other group. And why not? They're always talking about the great things they want to do and mercy.

Polling is a dark art. If the Bear were in charge, he would not allow news organizations to create their own news. Until that happy day, the Bear advises his readers not to put too much stock in them.

At least Caitlyn Jenner didn't show up in the list. Maybe people couldn't figure out if Jenner was in the man or woman category.


  1. I suspect, Bear, that when asked to name the Most Admired Man in the World (other than one's own selfie) the great lumpen proletariat of today are hard pressed to dredge up the names of two or three of their living contemporaries from the dim depths of their common collective wellspring of historical, philosophical, and theological knowledge. In short, a survey of the ignorant and self-obsessed produces such admirable men as these.

    Just my take on it. I would have voted for Yogi Berra but he got away from us in September. God bless him. RIP.

  2. Just as you say " contrary to all rational explanation"! IF it is a true or trustworthy or legitimate poll. I don't believe anything anymore. (newswise) I've stopped watching TV for no apparent reason. Can't take FOX anymore! my old stand-by.
    If it is possibly true that so many people still admire him, we are in worse shape than I thought. If not the single most evil presence on the world stage- definitely the most prominent.
    Castro is still a very bad dude.

    1. I haven't watched pro-homosexual FOX for years, and have avoided The Most Ignorant Catholic In the World, Bill O. Polls are easily manipulated, but I have no reason to believe this doesn't reflect a collection of a rather shallow answers by... well, by hopefully a fair cross-section, but who knows?

    2. "I HAVE STOPPED WATCHING TELEVISION FOR NO APPARENT REASON." Actually, if given a moment's thought, you could probably list a number of good reasons why you have stopped watching television. Among them might be the fact that the image of humanity television presents reflects either an outbreak of mass insanity or a condition of chronic immaturity. One can only guess what the future holds for the medium of television considering the fact that murder, porn,fallacious propaganda and censorship are all current features.

  3. If the mainstream media really told the truth about what Obama does, he would certainly not be ranked first.

  4. Sad to say Jim, I think he still would be ranked first. Hopefully this poll is just another manipulated and meaningless lie put out by the media. I have no illusions about the low intelligence of the American public today. It is my primary concern about the next election cycle, second only to massive voter fraud by Democrats.

    1. Bear is encouraged by Trump up there with the Pope. Look, the Bear knows a circus act when he sees one, and Trump would put Barnum and Bailey to shame. But his instincts are sound for the most part, and he is a real-world success. He was only one of two candidates in the Las Vegas debate not already planning Gulf War III. The Bear Clan has spent two generations on this crap involving Muslims, and everything we do makes things worse. Russia is the only sensible player right now. The U.S. doesn't even have a strategy, except to "communicate to the American people" better. Whaaa?

      It's gonna be "The Hair and the Bear in 2016."

    2. I cannot shake the feeling that Trump's pomposity and rabble-rousing is reminiscent of the character played by Martin Sheen in "The Dead Zone". This is sheer gut-feeling on my part, but there is something troublesome there.

  5. Obama is Satan's lapdog, but better him than Satan's sow, Hillary Clinton.

  6. I like it that Trump is up there with the Pope. It shows some folks get the picture.

  7. During this year or Mercy, Catholics who voted for Obama can have that mortal sin absolved by any priest,right?

  8. ABS: Among my family and friends alone, confessing that particular sin, that confession line would wend for 1/4 mile. I'm a stranger in a strange land.


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